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    Samsung, LG, Sony 21700 cells for sale - California USA

    We have Samsung, LG and Sony cells for sale. All testing new. Price and quantity are below. Take all for $6,500. Pick up in San Marcos, CA. We can put it on a pallet and get shipping quotes if needed. Email if you're interested. Name Qty Price/Each Samsung INR21700-50g 95...
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    SOLD Tenergy Li-ion 18650 Cylindrical 3.7V 2600mAh Button Top (San Diego, CA USA)

    We have 1,969 new Tenergy 18650 batteries for sale. Asking $1.90 a cell, can offer a discount with a large quantity purchase. for more information PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT The Recommended Battery for Premium Flashlights, Lighting & Other Devices Internal PCB protection prevents...
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    New 21700SA-4000mAh batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh batteries for sale (USA)

    We have a large quantity of brand new 21700SA-4000mAh ($7 each) batteries and 21700SF-4500mAh ($8 each) batteries. Discount with quantity. Please let me know if you have any questions or want more information. Check out or email for more info.
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    Panasonic (Sanyo) 5Ah Prismatic Cells NEW!! UF121285H Known as C-MAX cells

    We have over 6,000 Sanyo (Panasonic) UF121285H 4.2v 5Ah cells. New in what was to be a Hybrid battery pack for a major auto company. 120mm x 12mm x 85mm. Cells will be removed from the 38 cell HEV pack. US$4.75 each Minimum qty of 100 cells. Discounts for quantities over 1,000 cells. We can...
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    ABB PVI-3.0 String Inverters, RMA's $90 eachh

    Hi! We have 40 ABB PVI-3.0string inverters in RMA (Returns from the field) condition. We no longer have the time to repairand we need the space for more solar panels. Contact for more info and pics. Thanks for looking! :D Find spec sheets at...
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    Looking for 18650 Bulk Melbourne Australia

    Do you have a website for Lithium Power Australia? Or email? Thanks, James
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    Sunpower / SMA Sunny Boy Inverters

    We have the following new SMASunny BoySunpower labeledinvertersfor sale: Sunpower SPR-3002m (SMASB 3000TL-US-22) 3000 watt $399 Sunpower SPR-5002m (SMASB 5000TL-US-22) 5000 watt $499 Located in San Marcos, California. We are accepting offers! Manuals and tech infoavailable at the SMA...
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    Samsung SDI Mega 3.3 ESS Units Used

    San Marcos, CA (Northern San Diego, CA) Please review pics.
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    Samsung SDI ESS

    Anyone have documentation on Samsung ESS, 64Ah? I am harvesting cell but would like to test with cells still installed. James
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    Samsung SDI Mega 3.3 ESS Units Used

    We have 200 Samsung SDI ESS good workingunits. Each ESS contains (16) 68Ahprismatic cells in series. Rated at 3.971 kW. 49.6-65.6 Vdc. On-site inspection and testingencourage in San Deigo, CA. No warranty, tech support or spare parts from Samsung. Open to any offers.
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    Samsung SDI 94 aH Prismatic Batteries

    The truck will be here (San Diego, California) this Wednesday. I will post pics.
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    Samsung SDI 94 aH Prismatic Batteries

    We have about 10,000 Samsung SDI 94aH prismatic batteries for sale. All pulled from ESS systems. About one year old. All tested good. Seeking offers. 500 pc minimum. [email removed]
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    Has anyone harvested SDI cells from Samsung ESS units?

    Does anyone have a picture of the inside of a Samsung ESS? I have an opportunity to pickup an ESS rack with 8units and I want to make sure the SDI's are easilyharvestable. Harvesting because the ESS haserror codes and was swap out for another newunit. Thank you everyone!
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    Panasonic NCR18650 2900mAh cells for harvesting

    I am not 100% sure of the origin. I do believe they were for an EV that never went to market based on the other packs I have here. See posted pic. Arrangement is:3S9P
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    Panasonic NCR18650 2900mAh cells for harvesting

    I have 20 packs as shown in pics. Each pack has 27 Panasonic NCR18650 cells. These packs are used. $33.75 per pack ($1.25/cell). We can ship. USA only.
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    Lichen (LS) LR1865SD Specs?

    Does anyone know the specs for LR1865SD? Yes SD. Light gray. Thanks.
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    LG Chem Juicy LiOn Pack 4.2kW

    Yes we offershipping. We are a Lab Equipment wholesaler with shipping dock. The LG Chem unitsare on consignment from a large client. I think around $450 each unit or $900 for a case will buy them.
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    LG Chem Juicy LiOn Pack 4.2kW

    We have 36 new LG Chem Juicy LiOn battery packs. Units werefor a UPS system from LG. New condition. Each pack contains 56 LG LGDAHB21865, 1500 mAh Rated.See Spec sheet at the Cell Database on this forum. Should be easily repurposed by qualified techs here on this site. Please review pics. Sold...