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    Busbar current capacity

    I am fusing each cell to internal bus bars, the layout I have in mind is shown here: Each series cell is capable of 88A continuous, but the max load the system I am making would put on the cells is about 51A, and usually significantly lower than this. I would like to build in overheads...
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    Difference between a 'CCCV' supply and just a 'CC' supply.

    So I have the basics of how the lithium charge profile works, but I can't quite wrap my head around this last part: What exactly is the difference between a power supply/chargerthat 'switches' to CV mode and a power supply that only has CC mode but has a nominal voltage in line with the...
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    Wanted: 'Dead' 18650 cells for spot welding practice NW England

    As above, hoping someone has a stock of old/dud cells that I can drain off and use to practice my spot welding before I move on to working on new cells. I'm in Manc/Leeds (I move between the two) in the UK, so around there would be best as I guess posting even dead cells probably gets out...
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    Using Victron MPPT to charge 7s18p 18650 set up.

    Planning a build at the moment in which I want to be able to charge from AC. I have been trying to properly get my head around chargers to charge Lithium banks at high current, and it doesn't really seem like there are a huge amount of options. I am toying with the idea of using a Victron...
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    Looking for the 'best' cell for a project.

    Hi, I'm planning on building a battery bank that would act as a power source for my equipment where I work. When I get in to the nitty gritty I plan to make a thread here to help check my thinking an ensure I don't make any cockups. For now, I am trying to find the 'best' cell for my needs...