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    Help identify this cell from "dewalt" battery

    Can anyone help identify this cell? It is out of a 2AH Dewalt battery pack. I am unsure if it was an original or knock off battery pack. Text from the side reads: C A TKU9RX8 107867 On the bottom it says: 5U04 thanks.
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    Alternative to Raylite M-Solar lead acid cells?

    Hello, A friend has to replace his previous lead acid battery bank. He is looking at 6 ofthese: His previous battery bank has failed...
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    Pack failure questions

    I had an interesting scenario, first about my power wall. It is 7S80P, made from cells ranging from 2.5AH down to 1.6AH because that's all I had. It has 2 MPT-7210A charge controllers, a 60A Chinesium BMS and a DC circuit breaker before the 6KWinverter. I charge the packs to 28.7V (7 x 4.1). It...
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    2S (30A?) BMS for RC Car?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but... Does anyone know of a good 2SBMS for RC car battery packs? thanks.
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    Toshiba Li-po battery packs

    Has anyone done anything with laptop li-po packs? I have used 180 of a different typewith some success, but I have another 100 (PA5136U-1BRS) from portege z30 which I can't find how the power good signal works. Am contemplating selling the lot or dismantling them and rebuilding into packs, but...
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    Hello from Australia

    Hello all, I am Nathan fromthe Sunshine Coast, QLD. I'm an Electronic / IT technician, bit of an inventor and tinkerer jack of all trades,will have a go at anything. Working on an off grid type setup at the moment. Need more 18650's! HELP ME! :D
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    Ozito 12V Pressure Pump - Relay Tip

    Hello all. I live in a rural area, the first things I did when I started my off grid journeywas convert my lights to DC and change my water pump to an Ozito 36W 12VDC 600L/hr pump. The pump runs off my spare car battery collection (probably just 1 would be necessary), seperate to the rest of...