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    Midnite Solar Grid Tied Inverter?

    I stumbled across an older video of Robin at a trade show showing off a grid tied solar inverter. I spent about 2 hours trying to find any other info on the units, or documentation, but to no avail. Does anyone know if they are actually available? I cannot see them for sale. I'm wondering if...
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    Using OEM EV or ESS module wiring harness

    When you guys refer to "shared balance leads", or similar language, are you referring to the typical balancing/temp sensor harness that comes on many of the EV modules? Like the BMW, Fiat, etc? It seems Batrium desired to target the new Core/K9 at that market, if I understand correctly. After...
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    Jeep battery/DC to DC converter

    Has anyone bought any of the Jeep packs from Battery Hookup? The pack has a battery, and a dc to dc converter. Has anyone figured out how to make the converter work?
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    Parallel modules to reduce BMS expense

    What is the consensus of users regarding putting cells in parallel so a BMS balances more than one cell? If batteries are closely matched in voltage, and are all healthy, is this a reasonable strategy to save some expense when setting up a BMS such as Batrium? Or for that matter, Orion...
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    Orion and Nuvation bms

    Does anyone have direct experience using either of these two BMS units with large capacity batteries? It would really be helpful to hear of people using automotive or ESS prismatic modules such as 12s-16s, and then putting a lot of those units in parallel. (Versus people using individual...
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    Suggestions (please) for BMS for large 8s battery bank

    I need help. Been trying to make a decision on what BMS to use for monitoring and charging a bank of (26) 8s Li-NMC prismatic modules. They are equipped with nice stainless bolts for battery (-) (+). This will be a nominal 48 volt bank, charged to about 60v. So about 46 kWh. I don't do...
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    Best BMS for a prismatic powerwall?

    I realize most people on this site are working with cylindrical cells, but am hoping to get some advice for the best type of BMS for a 48v powerwall. The bulk of my powerwall is composed of Samsung SDI 8s modules at 1.75 kwh each. For now, I'm working with (20) 8s modules, which will be in...
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    Highly disappointed with Battery Hookup

    As a rule, I don't post on-line negative comments about vendors. I feel compelled to do so now. The first couple transactions I had with Battery Hookup were all the same: great modules, badly packed. For modules that weigh 30-40 pounds or more, packaging is very important. The first lot...
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    Powerlock cables for SDI

    Does anyone know the specific brand of the battery connection on the Samsung SDI rack mount batteries? From what I have seen, they are referred to as line drain, or panel drain, with at least one trade name being PowerLock. I'm looking to source cables for my current project. Thanks for any...
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    High voltage inverter for battery backup?

    Is anyone aware of any specific inverters available in the US market that will work with high voltage batteries? There have been, for example, Mercedes batteries for sale at Battery Hookup that are around 80-100v, at very good prices. I was very interested to watch Lithium Solars' video where...
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    High start-up voltage for inverter

    Looking for advice from others: I've seen numerous inverters for sale online, often with either high MPPT start-up voltage, or high operating start-up requirement. For example, a lot of people who like the Delta H6 talk about this issue, and there are some decent videos talking about needing...
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    Hello from Midwest USA

    Glad to participate in this website. Lots of good info here. My projects focus on backup systems for power due to the frequent power outages we experience. Not a good thing in the summer, but can be deadly in the Winter. Completely rewired our home, and set up multiple panels that are all...