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    Skyrc MC 3000

    Actually, the Android app has a bunch of options and you can setup a bunch of programs so it really isn't bad! You can set charge currents, cut off, which channels, rest period, and more. If you haven't looked at it in a while you could be surprised. I appreciate the pointer of select higher...
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    Skyrc MC 3000

    Wolf I appreciate your knowledge on the MC3000. Could you provide a quick rundown on your program for it to do capacity testing on 18650 cells? How far should I charge or discharge before starting? What capacity rating should I use when I don't know the capacity to begin with? What mode...
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    DIYBMS v4 thoughts

    I have my controller PCBs. Waiting on the small parts to arrive to assemble then order the 4.2 circuit boards. Got probably close to 100 18650 cells to start with. And a cheap local supplier of laptop batts. Meh, also need a quality capacity tester before assembling packs!
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    has anybody got a solar monitoring PROGRAM, (not APP god i fell old)

    I'm using the affordable EPSolar Tracer 40A which supports modbus. With that I use a Raspberry Pi and a python script to gather the data and push it over mqtt into my home automation box with Influx/Grafana and OpenHAB. I can monitor my voltage (not capacity yet) and trigger items based on...
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    DIYBMS v4 thoughts

    Nice. I have my controller boards on order already. I should be able to handle the minimal soldering on those. The battery monitors I could never solder but he has a 4.2 version of that you can order nearly complete if you're following the thread at openenergymonitor...
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    DIYBMS v4 thoughts

    Surely a number of folks have seen Stuart's design. He's working on a simpler design which can be automatically assembled by JLCPCB. If you're interested please show your support by upvoting and commenting on his video. If you think there is a better DIY option please share! I have nothing to...
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    Lithium Iron Phosphate

    Resurrect the dead! Batteries have been doing well. I have at least a dozen wired up with the off grid solar greenhouse aquaponics system. If my wiring wasn't so scary I'd post a pic or start a thread in the projects side of things.
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    Striking out finding cells in the US

    I run a PC shop. I'd gladly give you half a dozen laptop batteries at any given time. I don't harvest a quarter of the cells I could because I've got my batteries needs mostly met with 24v LifePo4 cells. So if you find yourself in Eugene Oregon hit me up.
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    Facts and Infos about the Opus BT-C3100 Charger

    I have what appears to be a dead C3400. Is there any way to revive it? I've tried a higher amperage 12v power supply to no avail. It started phasing out on the screen before going tits up and I read the bricks could be an issue so I went overkill with a 12v 8a but no display. Just the fan spins up.
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    Lithium Iron Phosphate

    All comes down to the price being right. I'd go crazy on them.
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    Lithium Iron Phosphate

    I don't see a reason that wouldn't work. Double BMS. Just needs a BMS that is willing to balance a single cell at 25 to 29v instead of a bunch of smaller cells at ~4v each. FWIW, I noticed your pic had some with a PCB on top. Is that just a charger interface? I thought the BMS itself was in the...
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    Lithium Iron Phosphate

    72?!?!? Hold on, let me go change my shorts. Holy crap! So what are you willing to do for cost plus shipping? I'd likely have to Paypal with a CC as I'm always cash strapped with two kids.
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    LG LGABC21865 Cell Specifications

    Same LGABC21865 cell but K117D276A6 only test at 1800mA. Four more on the charger so conclusive results are half a day out. Best of six was 2000mA. 1800 to 1880 on the rest. Full discharge then charge/test on Opus C3400
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    7s BMS how do you manage the parallel?

    Plan was to use the cheap 'smart' BMS and monitor them. By keeping the packs smaller I could add them to my system one at a time each with their own BMS over time. As it stands I have seven 24v LifePo4 batteries each with their own BMS. I'll never run a load greater than what half the batteries...
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    Arduino Nano 4x 18650 Smart Charger / Discharger - Battery Tester

    So much soldering. Have you looked into getting them completely built? What's the total BOM? I didn't see that mentioned on your site or Instructables.
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    How long to charge 18650 batteries from solar....

    Your charge controller needs to know when to cut off and should have a dump load option or at least a big heatsink if it's dumping the load itself. You don't want to size your solar too large if you aren't utilizing it. Wasted energy at that point. I've added a relay to mine to dump load when...
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    7s BMS how do you manage the parallel?

    Trying to find the balance (no pun intended) of parallel cells vs BMS cost. I'd rather keep my packs reasonably small and easier to manage so 7s5p should average 10Ah @ 24v assuming ~2ah per 7s. At an average cost of $40 per 'battery' that seems reasonable. If I were buying new cells I'd go...
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    Tracer 4215BN 36-48v?

    The manual for the 4215BN only mentions 12/24v so I'd play it safe and keep the magic smoke in your unit. I still don't understand the need for the NTC thermistor but it's outside the scope of the thread. I've haven't run into an issue yet with my Tracer and running loads off my batteries and...
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    Camthecams 60p7s victron

    Victron has a ton of open source stuff. Nothing to manage your hardware? They're on my short list of inverters because of their open source support. And yeah, Wine doesn't do USB pass through like Virtualbox would.
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    iCharger X6

    Upgrade to Windows 7! In all actuality that could be worth trying. Do a Win7 VM, create a USB filter so it is always passed through in case it power cycles, and see if it plays nicer in Win7. Worst case, even XP! That is of course only if it fails again.