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    Good one mate i might have to borrow this cheers .
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    Are there any tobacco growers here?

    Hi mate i think i may have only burley seeds so i will have to have a look on ebay and see what is around so were does Monte calme come from i am not familiar with the name cheers
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    Are there any tobacco growers here?

    Thanks mate the seedlings i have are from a burley strain from memory and i will follow your instructions and if you don't mind i would like to share my progress with you cheers .
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    Are there any tobacco growers here?

    Hi Hi mate Thank you for such a wonderful and informative description on growing and curing tobacco this will be so helpful to me and i can't thank you enough summer here in Australia starts in December and finishes February the only problem is the heat the last 3 summers it got so hot in the...
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    Are there any tobacco growers here?

    Hi mate i have been trying for the last 2 years to get a good harvest of home grown tobacco but i struggle to get the drying and curing right even the growing sometimes so any help you could provide me with would be fantastic in Australia where i live up until 2006 you could legally grow tobacco...
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    Off grid trailer power

    Hi mate can i ask were you got your plans for the teardrop cheers .
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    charging problem

    Hi mate when i checked the pack this morning i had 1 row at 3.76v 1 row at 3.72v and the last at 3.74v so i charge the low ones up to 3.76v and then charged the whole pack again which charged up like normal but when checked again later on i had 1 row at 0.2v lower so i will take that row out and...
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    charging problem

    Hi Redpacket thanks will have a look in the morning . Hi Korishan thanks i never though to check the voltage during charging will see in the morning how it goes .
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    charging problem

    Hi guys i needa bit of advice regards charging a 3s5p 18650 pack i made 3 of these packs and 2 charge fine but 1 pack is so slow it can take days to charge from 10.6v upto 12.3v i have fitted a new bsm board thinking that may be the problem to no avail then i resoldered all the connections still...
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    The Outhouse Powerwall

    Hi mate looking good what part of the world are you in cheers .
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    ASUS Expedition RX 570 4GB with Elpida memory

    Hi mate thanks for that just while i'm here what size wire fuses would you use for a little power pack 3S10P to start my 16HP firewood saw bench each cell in the pack is 2000mAH or over cheers MICHAEL
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    My adventures

    Hi Korishan i have changed a few of the old psu's and all i do is connect a 10ohm-10watt resistor to any red plus grd (black) and i have no problem with them ,i have just finished my little charge and discharge station it's a bit rough but works okay.
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    Why Fuse Both Sides?!

    Hi Korishan thanks for that.
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    Why Fuse Both Sides?!

    Hi HB would you know the approx amps of a fuse wire made with the wire of a 0.25 resistor thanks.
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    Unknown ASO/SZN Cell Specifications

    Hi mate I just opened a pack for a HP Compaq 8510P which had 8 0f these cells and were marked ASOGL10821 EF 610140 SZN the color is purple with a grey top , also the pack was marked 14-8v 5200 mAh in 1S-1P so i assume they are 3-7v x 2-7mAh i haven't tested them yet but 2 were totally dead...