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  1. J

    Options for A123 LiFePO₄ 20Ah pouch cells parallel and series connections?

    A 4S will fit in one of these. Add some 1mm EVA foam and this is rock solid.
  2. J

    Options for A123 LiFePO₄ 20Ah pouch cells parallel and series connections?

    I am going to try and design a PCB that will connect like this -- See video (Some Korean builder). Probably another week or more before I get the prototype sent out for manufacturing. View: I made a little 3D holder for the compact cells, but...
  3. J

    Jeep battery/DC to DC converter

    Sorry this is long --- These are from RAM Etorque systems.... Here is how they work - DESCRIPTION The Battery Pack Control Module (BPCM) is one of the Battery Management System (BMS) components on 48 volt e-Torque equipped vehicles. The BPCM is integral to and serviced with the Power Pack...
  4. J

    Getting ready to dive into LiFePO4

    BCH has some other larger A123 20ah cells coming in the next few weeks These other ones are a little thinner.
  5. J

    A123 Lifepo4 - Pouch Cells - 20ah compacts

    Hey all - Not sure if you saw this from Battery clearinghouse but these cells are legit! From the ones I received I think this are new old stock from 2020 and they are selling them off. I bought a bunch of them and so far they tested exactly at 20ah. Now to find the supplier of those little...
  6. J

    Any local builders in Northern California???

    Hey Andy - how is your build fairing? I am up here in Norcal Sacramento area. Keep pulling those batteries! That looks like a good pack and if you can get more that is a great plan. That blueish goo on the side of the battery is leaked electrolyte, so don't touch that unless with some gloves.
  7. J

    Battery Packs for Sale - (48) Philips 14.4 li-ion -Sanyo white top 2200 & (31) Arris w/ 8LG 2200mah (Sacramento CA)

    Well time to clean out some old projects - All located in Newcastle California - prefer local pickup if possible. This is almost 10kwh worth of cells :). I have 48 medical ventilator battery packs that are Philips 14.4v packs each holds 20 Sanyo white top li-ion 2200mah cells. Each pack is 163...
  8. J

    Mosfet Replacements for a Schneider XM+ inverter

    So I have a new to me inverter that I picked up for pretty cheap and it is giving a error code. So once I got into the inverter I noticed that the Power bridge board is nuked with a few burned up mosfets. I tried to google the part number but haven't gotten anything? Any one here know where I...
  9. J

    NEC 12V35i Batteries

    Ohhh and A123 4S14P inside... Oh and please for NEC's sake don't take or post picture of the BMS.
  10. J

    NEC 12V35i Batteries

    The best SMBus to Arduino reader so far.... Might need to change a few settings but this is a great framework. Dont worry about the screen crap, just use serial monitor.
  11. J

    NEC 12V35i Batteries

    Here are the locations to drill the small hole. This will give you access to the Buss bar internal to do a manual charge. Once up to say 10V it should turn on to charge from the terminals. RE Arduino, most SMBus units need the handshake to wake up. Send a 0X80 command to it and it will...
  12. J

    NEC 12V35i Batteries

    It is permanent.... there is no way to "reboot" from outside the battery. You can drill a 3/8" hole in the side of the case, and manually charge to 10V and it will turn back on, reboot and everything should work. The problem seems to be that if the cells are low they almost always go to a...
  13. J

    NEC 12V35i Batteries

    Any word on the batteries? I am curious about how they turned out? I might be interested in them even if discharged.
  14. J

    NEC 12V35i Batteries

    Hey Wolf - Where are you located? I have a few of these that I bought that are dead. Keep them charged. I might be interested if the price is right
  15. J

    [FREE] 4 LiFePO4 BMS boards, 4s, 30A

    I am down! Let me know how much to ship to Zip95658?