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  1. Hyraelle

    Sony US18650GR (G5) Cell Specifications

    Hi there, is there any evidence the cell pictured here is just a redesigned wrapper of the cell picture in this post?
  2. Hyraelle

    heating solar panels????wt*......

    In my experience, it could work, after some time there would be a layer of water just enough to let the caked in snow/ice to slide, but even for cars it's lazy and we still need to do the other windows. So we start the car, take the brush/scraper tool and go at it :) Daro gets it. There isen't...
  3. Hyraelle

    heating solar panels????wt*......

    Oh, well, my idea for the future ( I have not yet started the process of learning how to assemble them, yet. ) Would be to leave them almost upright. My plan in my head is a frame that i can change the angle, 70 degree almost upright in the winter, and about 30 degree horizontal for the summer...
  4. Hyraelle

    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    Found some LG chem blue cells ( as opposed to cyan ) Named : INR18650s3 +DS190G095AE- I searched the forum for info on those but none popped up. I added the manufacturer square code thingy because i could :)> Edited top picture to better fit database
  5. Hyraelle

    4s Buck Down ?

    Gna, you're right! i didnt think my hypothesis much! Maybe a labtop charger but even then its not right. That also answer the question, will stick with the 4s one :)
  6. Hyraelle

    Where Did You Find Us?

    Was searching for informations about the used cells i bought that i'm sorting up.
  7. Hyraelle

    4s Buck Down ?

    Oh wow, i actually had this interrogation myself! And luckily i also have that same buck converter! I bought two some while ago just in case, and the case arose that i need to power a 12v water pump to water in a field. Now, i also ordered a 4s bms for this project, i just tought, i'll just...
  8. Hyraelle

    What are some practical techniques for sorting cells in bulk quickly?

    I agree, i bought 86 of those modem packs batteryhookup sells. It takes 15min each approx to open and most of it is managing to unglue the casing without damaging the cells. I open like 5 a day because that's what i can process ( 1 charger lol ). I could be faster or find more efficient...
  9. Hyraelle

    Are there any tobacco growers here?

    Hi there, i will attempt to grow bacco next spring but im a chooch and dont expect anything, i'm just following this thread because it's informative, thanks!
  10. Hyraelle

    Sanyo UR18650A Cell Specifications

    I have a couple pictures for you all, i got some of these from modem packs. The numbered stickers are mine. Here's all the info written on the shrink ; Sanyo UR18650A u52b QUKQXAY2 041186 The modem packs seller says those are not the heater sanyo's Edit : i got a second modem with those. I...