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  1. Amigaman

    eBay UK seller has 64x packs of 24 cell LifePO4 IFR18650e

    this is not my auction and although I have no need of these cells I thought others here might and at 1536 cells at 1,850 = 1.20 per cell is this a good deal? I was looking as some saved searches on ebay when I noticed this listing...
  2. Amigaman

    Tin Whiskers 101

    Dave Jones (EEVblog) on YouTube recently posted this video on Tin Wiskers, RoHS, RoHS 2, WEEE, and where general world legislation has evolved and where its going regarding electronic waste.
  3. Amigaman

    Hello from a sunny UK

    Hi it isn't really sunny, we are experiencing a rather bad (for the UK) cold spell which has pretty much ground the whole country to a halt. I have recently found a new hobby that is harvesting 18650 cells from laptop batteries and as I already own an imax b6ac v2 I have wanted to build my own...