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    1,341bhp Nio EP9 sets new N?rburgring electric car lap record

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    lithium helicopter

    "Battery-Powered Robinson R44 High voltage battery system being prepared for installation in a Robinson R44. In September 2016, Martine Rothblatt and Tier1 Engineering successfully tested an electric-powered helicopter which took flight at Los Alamitos Army Airfield."...
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    New 18650 t-shirt designs from NERDVille and Paul Kennett

    lots of options, thanks for all that you do guys :)
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    New 18650 t-shirt designs from NERDVille and Paul Kennett

    A: should be smaller and sit on the right upper chest (logo) and transparent B: should be on the back WITH same font and not 4 diff. kinds
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    station240's 18650 projects

    I use a computer psu with a 'step up converter' so it can be done. Why not switch to 18650 before the project gets to big? Good luck with the project and keep us up to date Cheers
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    18650 pack sorting optioins

    brilliant idea and 3d print with your latest video also Poul! You should get that in production :) DIN rail mounting bracket for 4x5 battery clips " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>[/MEDIA]
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    12V small semi portable Powerwall

    Just received my new psu for charging my bank! :) when no sun. Lot's of power for a cheap price *excited* It is a constant current model! Wonder how the 18650's will behave and at what voltage I should disconnect (70% - 90%)? anyone know what happen's if you keep a cc on the battery for a...
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    12V small semi portable Powerwall

    Yes, in theory it's a 16.8V - 11.2V system but due to limitations in the solar-charger and inverter (12dc - ac) + the top/bottom balance also for better health in the used cell's. The range is: 15.5V - 12V --- 3.87V - 3.0V per cell. Good luck with your project! Keep us posted :)
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    12V small semi portable Powerwall

    Yea, you are right, and after watching your last video I might need some 3M High Temperature Flue Tape
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    12V small semi portable Powerwall

    connecting parallel Ups! boom :shock: 'Another' 18650 'in the Wall' Cheers mate's
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    12V small semi portable Powerwall

    5 in parallel (100 cells) Making the 'wall' Connecting 4 in series
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    12V small semi portable Powerwall

    I have a small piece of land that is completely off-grid except water and my plan is to build a 'tiny house' and live there, like the good ol' days :) but of course with modern technology like my laptop, interweb and phone! So my first goal, was to build a small powerwall that could keep my...
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    Homebrew Powerwall

    I personally think that you should keep your youtube channel alive, I have never found any of your video's boring but rather inspiring! You are the reason many of us started in the first place and more will follow through your yt-channel. Really appreciate you taking the time to: Do the...
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    Wanted : 75 Laptop batteries

    Too bad we can't send lithium by mail, I got a bunch.
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    Chickeys solar playhouse. (With Mini DIY powerwall)

    Interesting read and nice to see pictures also. Thanks for mentioning EPEVER brand, the EPsolar LandStar LS is just what I need!
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    Inverter 12v - 220v Low voltage cutoff

    Hi folks, i'm having a hard time finding a inverter that suits a 4s lithium bank (12v-16v) All inverters I have found so far has: High voltage cut off: 15 - 15,5v Low voltage alarm: 11v - 11,5v Low voltage cut off: 10 - 10,5v I would like a inverter with adjustble or the spec's: High...
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    greetings from denmark

    Hi all, Thank you for making this forum HB-Powerwall and for all of your very inspiring videos! I'am a web developer and graphic designer by trade and a keen D.I.Y Powerwall builder after watching HB and Kennett's youtube channel :D My wall so far: 400 18650's 240aH