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    NEC 690.12 (A-D) Rapid Shut Down of PV Systems on Buildings.

    If a fire ever breaks out and my solar panels are in the way, just break them, throw large rocks on it, hit them with a Axe or whatever. Large scale, thats way cheaper and economical to do, then to add more and more devices to solar panels.
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    OffGridInTheCity Build

    Take the same price, add 3 cents and you have the current german prices. Electricity turns more and more into an unconvinience.
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    Looking for EV Conversion/Modification Truck/Trailer Info

    Do you really need that truck all the time or cant you just switch to a smaller vehicle?
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    CALB Iron Phosphate

    Shipping to germany? No? ):
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    Fast Charging - 500a @ 400v = 200kw - WOW

    I'd be interested in how long those batteries will survive being treated that way. Its not hard to design a battery that can be charged fast, but its hard to design one that can be and dosnt get worn down excessively. Going by my old laptop 18650's, roughly all can do at least 0.5c charging and...
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    18650 Negative Voltage - WTH?

    Yup that can happen, seems like the cells drifted so far apart, that the BMS idle current pulled one into the negative.
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    A true power hog's ULTIMATE power wall...?

    You could try to tell them, to try moving their electricity usage habits to moments/days, when the sun shines a lot, but it isnt a must.
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    Victron inverters- any thoughts on them?

    Victron & SMA or pretty much top tier Growatt comes next imo Voltronic and all companies buying their inverter and relable them as their own (MPPSolar for example) takes the 3rd place, not the best, but not the worst either
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    A true power hog's ULTIMATE power wall...?

    I'd go with the first, simply for the name of efficiency. When the DC voltage is above the peak AC voltage (120V AC RMS = 170V AC Peak, 230V AC RMS = 325V AC Peak), it can be easily made directly from the DC source without any conversion, thus making it far more efficient than low voltage systems.
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    Victron inverters- any thoughts on them?

    Victron is super great quality and they have a nice ecosystem. They are however nearly twice if not three times the prices of other options if you calculate all the needed parts into the equasion.
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    Cause of heater-effect at around 4.0V and high self discharge at full voltage (4.2 ... 4.0V)

    The heaters i cycled, went from 1550mAh down to 550mAh after 10-15 cycles. That cell btw:
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    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    Manufacturing and measuring tolerance can vary a bit. I have a lot of 18650 cells that barely fit into the 18.5mm holder and many that sit in very loosely while all of them are labled 18650.
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    Cell Database Submissions and Updates

    unlabled cells that are rare, are not really worth putting into the DB
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    Samsung SDI 94Ah powerwall building. Need help

    Nope, those are rather rare cells. Your best bet is to buy them second-hand off ebay or so. Maybe visit some bigger car repair stores or recycling centers. If you want them new, ask BMW or Samsungs battery department directly.
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    Overcharged 18650 lithium ion cells

    I tested it outside in the garden, plenty of meters away from the house with a bucket of sand next to it. So far, no issue besides one i provoked, where i charged a fully rusted 0V cell with 500mA and it went bonkers after some hours without warming up significantly before.
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    Overcharged 18650 lithium ion cells

    In the video, its just a single cell that catches fire and causes the other to go bonkers. I charged a bunch of laptop cells in parallel with a 20 A PSU just to see what happens and they all just quietly died. No fire, no smoke, just some warmth. On the other hand, i charged a rusted and 0V cell...
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    Overcharged 18650 lithium ion cells

    You can go beyond the reccomended 4.20V on many lithium cells without them catching fire or getting hot. However, the higher you charge them, the quicker they degrade and end up not having a meaningfull capacity left. Why did you went with TP4056 boards btw? TP5100 boards are much more...
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    Samsung SDI 94Ah powerwall building. Need help

    Those larger Packs are often Laser Welded, but using a Spotwelder should work just fine aswell, in the "worst" case you could still solder them with a big soldering iron.
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    Questions about battery capacity calculation?

    Without more information, we cant tell. Which specifig fridge do you have, what does it consume over the span of a day ore a week? Also the batteries from your link, are priced 3 times as high, as what they are actually worth.
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    It's been years, but my favorite project is complete!

    Maybe get rid of some hives? A big greenhouse for your own vegetables might be a nice idea. Or if you want a small EV for short trips, you could look into a Renault Twizy and adding your own battery if it has none, its 7ish kWh 14s li-ion.