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MASSIVE restock of EV Batteries at 5% coupon "POWERWALLS"
  1. HippyChris

    more local storage - room by room

    The second of the local lithium stores that are designed to only charge when the central Lead Acid house battery is fully charged. The #2 is going to be in the outhouse (pun intended) with all the electronics built in, with an allowance for an external simple 5S module to be patched in later...
  2. HippyChris

    First "powerwall" in ammo tin

    I finally got enough cells in similar range to get going. Average cell capacity is 1.93mah I'm creating a 5s16p in an ammo tin that will have it's own BMS, just 2 wires to connect it to an external charger and/or load. This will be one of many. This will be great for my Ryobi tool set as well...