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    Statistics on the Projects

    On the projects there are a couple of statistics in the left hand column. Just wondering if a couple of extras could be added. Like kWh by chemistry or by condition.
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    Search by Sub-forum?

    Would it be possible to make a filter on the search so you can filter results by their subforum? As this forum grows it would be great to have some advanced search options - to help narrow down the results.
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    Opus and NiMh

    Has anyone had any luck discharging NiMh batteries in the Opus? My experience is the Opus will not discharge at any more than about 70ma.I have a few older NiMh batteries that I want to test, but they would take days to discharge. I did try both new and old batteries with the same result.I have...
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    Arduino as Volt Meter

    After a bit of Googling around, I find myself more confused than informed. What is the most effective way of getting accurate voltage measurements with an Arduino? Preference is using the internal ADC. There are apparently issues with powering it from the source you are measuring. I know a few...
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    Choice of solder - 63/37 vs 60/40

    After doing a bit of googling, I can't find a whole lot of information. I am curious is there any disadvantage to 63/37 solder over 60/40? I know it is a little more expensive, but 63/37 gives far better results, so I tent to waste much less of it. Is there anything else I should know? Is...
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    Blackout Pack

    Just thought I would show off a pack I built with some junk cells. ^ A Handy silicone wrap from a travel mug held 8 cells just nicely. ^ Mini packs assembled ^ The final product. 3s8p. Approx 8ah @12v Any suggestions as to what enclosure I should use, I haven't found one...
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    Cell suddenly became a heater?

    As most of us are familiar with the standard test procedure, I will outline mine briefly. Charge and discard heaters, and those that self discharge. Then capacity check with the Opus. I set aside any cell that gets 'warm' while charging, about 40c. I was about to assemble a small pack, 3s8p...
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    Load Tester / Dummy Load

    I was pondering about a dummy load for testing of various batteries. Looking around high wattage resistors seem to work out more expensive than lower wattage ones. So I decided to do some tests to see how much power a 1/4 wattresistor can handle. I started with a 470 ohm metal film, being the...
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    Isolate i2c?

    I recall reading a thread about this before, but I cannot find it. Is there any way to isolate devices on an i2c bus? I will be using an Arduino based BMS, and powering each slave from the packs directly. However by doing this, if I daisy chain them I risk exposing the i2c to the full system...
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    iCharger or clone?

    I have been looking around for a charger with a PC logging function. I was looking at several clones on AliExpress etc. I was wondering if anyone has any thoughts. They seem considerably cheaper than the iCharger. I notice on some that it specifies not to connect the battery before powering up...
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    Possible ETH ASIC?

    I don't know if anyone has spotted the odd rumor around about Bitman's F3? Be nice to see the price of graphics hardware back to normal again.
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    Cell load test

    What resistance to use for a load testof an 18650 li-ion for 5a? I understand that this is going to require a lot of heat dissipation. And a good connection to the battery. I don't think an ordinary friction fit holder will be good enough. I also need a switch that can handle this current...
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    Crypo Considerations - Heat the house?

    Not that I am particularly keen on mining, but I was looking at NiceHash, as an easy option to mine. Theysuggest my 750ti could be profitable. They don't list the 580 - I guess it would be grossly inefficient. Ialso have a few other odd cards around that I have yet to test. During summer they...
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    The 12v Conundrum

    It comes to my attention that there are a lot of members here who are trying to tackle the 3s/4s 12v conundrum. So I thought perhaps it would be good to spark a conversation regarding this situation. To outline my thoughts: 1 -Buck or boost? Should you go for a higher voltage and use a buck...
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    PCI-E Riser Question (not mining related)

    There are plenty of PCI-E risers out there, I need one for a PCI X8 RAID card, so I can use it in an X1 slot. Obviously performance and reliability is important. I wonder if just a simple device will do the trick, or if I need to spend a little more. I have read some posts that say there are...
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    Actual capacity?

    I am opening this thread, not as a noob question, but to share some of my findings, and perhaps get a better grasp of what to expect from larger packs. So, I'll try keep this short. Using cells tested to approx 2.7ah 1 cell can't charge my phone once 2 cells can almost charge my phone twice...
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    Meet my pets. Coastal cross pythons. They handle very well (that means they dont bite). I am a licenced keeper. I laugh, but these guys are brother and sister. I have the male (albino - the white one) wrapped around my neck as I write this.
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    Best cells ever!

    These are unreal. No self discharge and damn they tested well. These are definitely going in a mobile battery bank. All 71wh - I have 6. Taken from a Lenovo high capacity battery. 71wh apparently Anyone got any other good finds to share?
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    eBay alternative?

    Years ago I used to source many things from eBay. However recently there is a lot of garbage! Probably 25% of my recent purchases have been defective even from 'Australian' sellers. What has happened to being able to buy reasonable quality Chinese electronics? Years ago I used to get heaps of...