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  1. Jason Morris

    Buying 18650 batteries from Taobao?

    Hi. I've bought 18650 batteries from aliexpressbefore. I was wondering if anyone here has bought 18650 from Taobao as their prices are a lot cheaper. Although the cells are not "name brand" their seems to be good deals like 2600mah for $0.80 and 3000mah $1.25. These listings have many orders and...
  2. Jason Morris

    My DIY 40 slot 18650 charger

    I finished my 40 slot 18650 charger today. Thought I share some photos. They all have reverse polarity protection to protect the tp4056 boards. If the battery is put in the wrong way the fuse blows. Ill try to get some better photos tomorrow when I have better lighting
  3. Jason Morris

    Diy portable 18650 tea maker

    It works. The water gets hot but doesnt boil
  4. Jason Morris

    New chineese bms with 1.2a balance

    Saw this new bms on aliexpress. It states to have up to 1.2a balance current. Check it out 112S 35S Lithium Li-ion LiFePO4 LTO Lipo Battery Protection Board BMS Balance Bluetooth APP 7S 13S 21S 24S 32S Smart LCD Display
  5. Jason Morris

    Tesla 3 battery pack inverter

    I saw jerhugarica's video on the new model 3 battery packs. They seem to be 25s. Where would you find a 90-100v pure sine wave inverter? Seems like the tesla S modules would be easier to use in a powerwall because they are 6s. If you put 2 of the packs in series you can get 12s (36v- 50.4v) and...
  6. Jason Morris

    Can we create a new forum section?

    Wondering if the admin could create a subthread under marketplace for "leads for batteries" or something simmilar where people can post links to other people selling batteries such as on ebay/craigslist/etc.. I think it would be helpful for new people on the fourm Thanks
  7. Jason Morris

    Diy ebike battery

    Do you guys think these batteries will work for a 48v ebike battery for 1000w motor?
  8. Jason Morris

    Please take this survey for my Ap environmental class

    I would really appreciateif some of you guys could take this survey for my AP environmental science class. It should only take max 2 minutes. Thanks!
  9. Jason Morris

    Jason's power wall

    Started assembling the packs for my power wall. The power wall will be 7s40p. I am using new 2200mah Samsung cells I bought for 80 cents each. Each pack is 1s20p (Owitte style) Update: I'm thinking about using the bms and solar charger from Its only $220 us which...
  10. Jason Morris

    24v pure sine wave inverter

    Which 24v pure sine wave inverter would you guys recommend for a 7s40p power wall? Don't need to pull a ton of wattage.
  11. Jason Morris

    Bms from china

    Has anyone tried one of theese bms. They dont look to bad as an cheap alternative to batrium.
  12. Jason Morris

    Balance charger for Bms alternative

    Could you connect your solar panel output to mppt charger controller then to a balance charger to charger your diypowerwall rather than using a bms?
  13. Jason Morris

    Opus charger help

    I recently got the opus 3100 v2.2 I was testing some 18650 and during the discharge the mah drops from 1a to 0. The batterys arn't fully discharged. Then the charger returns to 1a discharge