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  1. Sonic01

    DC MCB Not Working?

    Hi All, So I have installed a DC MCB between my battery and my PIP, specifically the "TOMZN" 63A single pole. specs for ref: Now it said somewhere on the aliexpress listing that the "load"...
  2. Sonic01

    PV wiring when in shade

    Hi All, I had a question about the best setup for an array that gets a bit of shade each day - I've done what research I can and believe I know what the best solution would be, but I'd really appreciate your opinions on this. I've made this lovely crude drawing showing my intended array setup...
  3. Sonic01

    MPP Solar 3024 MSE Solar Inverter/Charger

    Hi All, Selling of my MPP Solar 3024 MSE PIP. Had it for about a year, lightly used. Selling as I up-scaled my PV to 1.5KW and needed a stronger inverter to cope. Item is listed on ebay here: Price is currently 220 plus 10 shipping, UK only...
  4. Sonic01

    WatchPower won't connect to 3024MK PIP

    Hi Guys, I recently purchased an MPP Solar PIP 3024MK directly from them to replace my 3024MSE. My PV wattage had grown so needed a stronger PIP to support it. For some reason I can't get WatchPower to connect? I literally flipped the serial cable over from the old pip to the new one and it...
  5. Sonic01

    BMS COVP Not Working?

    Hi Guys, Am I missing something here? I've set this up on 4 BMS, 2 it worked, 2 it didn't? As you can see from the images below, I've set COVP to 4.1v and release to 4.0v, and the charge fet is shown as disabled with the COVP alarm... yet it's still allowing charge current through? Thanks in...
  6. Sonic01

    Parallel DC Boost Converters?

    Hi Guys! So, I've built myself a big mobile powerbank for camping with leftover cells from my powerwall project. Now the problem i have is as follows, the input voltage range for my invert is 11v - 15v, but obv a Li-Ion will suppy 9v-12.6v so as soon as my battery is dropping to 11v, its...
  7. Sonic01

    540x 18650's on eBay, South London

    any UK SE builders who are interested, i have an action up: More info from eBay Listing For sale is for a job lot of 529x mixed Lithium Ion (Li-Ion 18650) batteries and 13x 17670's. The 17670's will fit into 18650 holders if you pad them out with...
  8. Sonic01

    How to secure my bus bar?

    Hi Gents, I've wired up my packs as shown below, but the only thing really holding the bus bar on is the fuse wire which is very fragile. when moving or working on my packs i often break some of the fuse wires and have to re-do them, does anyone have any tips for securing the bus bars to the...
  9. Sonic01

    PIP 3024MSE Bulk/CV/Float Settings

    Hi guys, just wanted to ask about these settings in the PIP and what the recommendations are? so i understand the bulk to CV is when it stops going max charge and starts doing the CV ramp down, what is the recommended voltage for this for 18650's? 24v or single cell doesnt matter i guess? and...
  10. Sonic01

    PIP 3024MSE Charging Slowly?

    Hi Gents, So first question,I got my PIP online today, it has a 24v 7s40 battery using a 60A 7s BMS, AC input and output but no solar currently. I've set it to charge at 25A from AC but my PIP is only reporting 11A charge... I've attached config pics below... does anyone have any ideas...
  11. Sonic01

    How to charge/discharge packs

    hi gents, does anyone have any recommendations for pack testers? I need something to be able to charge my packs (12v - 48v), I'd also like to be able to do capacity testing on them if possible...
  12. Sonic01

    Recycled 18650's UK

    Hi All, I'm not sure if this is allowed here but the sticky doesnt say otherwise so here goes, I'm auctioning 5 batches of 20x recycled laptop 1860's all between 1000-1600mah on ebay. Listings end tomorrow night and can be viewed on my ebay profile here...
  13. Sonic01

    1kW Solar in the UK

    Hi All, Does anyone know how much energy 1kw of solar in London would produce on average? or what could i expect from the shortest and longest days of the year?
  14. Sonic01

    Faulty Opus BT - C3100 v2.2

    I bet DarkRaven is going to love this because I know he hates these things, but it seems my 2 week old opus is busted :/ slots 1 and 4 aren't behaving. I kept inserting 4 batteries with good voltages on them but slot 1 keeps charging at about 43ma and not going anywhere, and slot 4 keeps...
  15. Sonic01

    Slow Cell Charging

    Hi Guys, In my cell testing I've noticed something odd with a few cells, I'm using the Opus and I've realised a standard charge cycle on a healthycell from 3v to 4.2vis about 3h. With some cells I'm getting really long charge times, between 7h-24h. The cells do indeed charge, and their...
  16. Sonic01

    PV Panel Recommendation

    Hi All, I'm looking at using a PIP 2424 MSE solar charger and inverter, it states the PV voltage range should be30~80Vdc. My shed roof only has space for 3 panels so i was planning to get 3 of these and group 2 in parallel and have the other on its own, so the 2 + 1 will be wired in series to...
  17. Sonic01

    Various Battery Questions

    Hi Guys! I have a few Q's I'm hoping you could answer. 1. Are there any issues with mixing Li-Ion and LiPo? From what I can see they both have a min of 3v and a max for 4.2v so is there any harm in mixing these together within a pack? 2. Do parallel cells balance among themselves? I read...
  18. Sonic01

    Sonic's Powerwall (London, UK)

    So after a long intro thread, things are starting to progress a bit: I've done voltage checks on all my cells and all are between 2v and 4.2v so should be good to go, just need to do testing cycles to check they function ok and get a reading for the mah. My setup will be something like...
  19. Sonic01

    Greetings from London, UK

    hi all! I've jumped on this forum after seeing the viral "build your own powerwall for $300" video, I have access to hundreds of 18650's as i work in IT so I figured I'd do a bit of research into this and find out how feasible it is. So far what I've read about the battery packs seems simple...