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    45kWh 18650 DIY Powerwall + 9kW Solarpower in Germany

    Hi, I was allowed to film a friend's solar system. For plant is quite exciting, so I have added extra English subtitles for you. He uses 5600 18650 cells with the diy BMS from my channel and a mpi 5k (mppsolar).
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    MPPSolar MPI10 Questions

    Hey guys, does one of you know if the MPI 10k from MPPSolar can feed only the current load into the house grid (withthe EnergyMeter)? So just feed your actual load andwithout feeding into the public grid? (I hope you understand what I mean)
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    LiFePo4 Cells Voltage Drop after Charging, normal?

    Hello, everybody, I got new China-LiFePo4 cells and after charging the voltage drops relatively fast by 0.1V. Is the behaviour normal for LiFePo4? It seems quite strange to me. All other values are ok, IR=6mOhm and the capactiyis ok.
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    Experiment: Soldering 18650 = Capacity Fade?

    Hey, guys, I did a test to find out if soldering 18650 cells leads to a loss of capacity or not. I tested 4 cells and used the following procedure: 1. Each cell measured 4x (capacity). So 16 tests overall 2. 2x soldered, (one solder point)and then again soldereda piece of virtual wire. 3. let it...
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    Hybrid vs. OffGrid

    Hey guys, we are about to build a house and of course I am already thinking about the PV system with a DIY Battery Bank. At the moment I have a 2x7s60p 9kWh 24V battery and would like to use it with a MPPSolar Inverter. A few things I do not understand however yet. In the Offgrid case: 1 How...
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    LTO as buffer

    I asked myself, if it would be possible to add a lto battery Bank before (parallel but physacl. before the 18650 Bank) my 18650 Bank. The idea is to increase the lifespan of my 18650 bank with few lto batteries. Just like using capacitors to get rid of the voltage spikes. So i currently use a...
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    Development of a free Capacity Predicition, need your help

    I'm currently developing a freely usablecapacity prediction. The usage will be quite simple: Input: Internal Resistance measured before charging Voltage before charging Nominal capacity Output: Predicted Capacity + Standard Deviation I used Wolf's and my ownDatabase to train3...
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    Sanyo Heater Prediction Routine

    The problem with the Sanyo heaters is much discussed, butin my opinionone thing is clear: You dont want to have a single heater in your powerwall, it's simply dangerous. Wolf has developed a criterion based on the internal resistance of the cells, which I would like to verify with my own data...
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    Do you use "china" cells ins your powerwall?

    I've currently a bunch of ASO and DLGcells. All with >2000mAh and small IR.The capacity tests made in this forum are quite promising. But I'm not sure if its safe to use them or not? I ask myself if the overpressure valve and the CID are well designed or not. Maybe someone has experience with...
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    DIY firesafe casing - Test

    Hey guys, as I mentioned in another Thread before, I did a test of my diy casing for the lithium packs. I build a small version and ignited6 and 12 Lithium Batteries inside the small casing. It was a serious test, but I'd be lying if I said we didn't have fun. I hope you don't think I'm crazy...
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    Do you use every cell chemistry in your packs?

    I'm currently harvesting used cells and asked myself wether to use every chemistryor not? I don't mean mixing different voltages (only NCA, NMC, LCO, LMO) and of course only tested cells. LCO and NCA seem to be the most dangerous types, but otherwise most NCA cells are of newer date (personal...
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    Qnbbm balancer question

    Hey guys, I got 7 qnbbm balancers today and they work, but they make a really loud high frequency sound. Is that normall?Send them back? Any suggestion what other system to take? Maybe a complete BMS with balance funxtion?
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    Safety Test of the containment, need your help / Opinion

    Hey guys, I want to test the safety of my containment for the lithium battery. At the moment it consists of fireclay and fire protection plates. But of course I ask myself if this can withstand the temperatures of a lithium fire at all. For the test I want to pack a few batteries into a box made...
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    What to do with excess energy?

    Hey guys, I have a simple question: If you run an offgrid solar system and you have excess energy, what is a goodway to use it? I'm not sure which way is the best for me, so maybe you have some interesting concepts.
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    German Powerwall 280xLG 18650MJ1 7s40p+ 450Wp Balcony PV System and a small question

    Hello, my first post here and in this one would like to show you to my new (not yet completely finished) small Lithium Powerwall. Maybe you are interested and motivated to rebuild it (or you are afraid of it and run away^^). The storage is used withmy small balcony pv system (3 Panels@450Wp...
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    Hello from germany

    Hey guys, first post here. My name is Andreas and I'm living near to cologne in germany. I try to get experience with pv using a smallbalcony system with450Wp solar panels. First I used lead acid agm batteries but they were heavy, had not enoughcapacity ..... I will show you my new small...