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  1. John

    Massively parallel cell testing setup - have you seen this?

    I don't know if this has been discussed yet, but I just ran across this 18650 cell testing setup in a YouTube video. Does anybody know about this? Thanks, -John-
  2. John

    Measured cell diameters? Please add your data.

    Hi, I pulled out my digital calipers and started measuring a bunch of cells, with the wrapper on. Most of my cells seem to be out of round. The average minimum diameter seems to be around 18.15mm, And the average max is 18.25mm. The absolute max dia. I saw was 18.29mm I am working through a...
  3. John

    Opus BT - Any way to make 1000 ma rate default?

    Hi, I am getting tired of having to set the opus charger to 1000 ma each and every time I load a cell. Surely there is some way to set the default to 1000 ma? Does anyone know a way? Thanks, -John-
  4. John

    Opus power connector?

    Does any one have the specification for the Opus power connector? Mine are running now, so I can't take measurements.. Thanks, -John-
  5. John

    Opus battery tester charging rate?

    I just realized that the battery tester has 3 charge/discharge rates: 500ma, 700ma, and 1,00 ma. Pros and cons of the different rates? It is taking a long time to process batteries at the default 500 ma rate. Any reason not to use the higher rates? Thanks for sharing your knowledge and...
  6. John

    Cheap eBay Opus BT-C3100 on ebay - Ripoff?

    Has anybody received on of these Opus battery testers from these cheap ebay listings? There is a series of listings, each for 10 or less items, and only one item per buyer per 10 day period, from low-feedback sellers from either china or Canada. It seems suspicious, so I am looking for someone...
  7. John

    OPUS battery tester: C3100 vs C3400?

    Is there any practical difference between these two models? Thanks, -John-
  8. John

    Opus tester - How do I know when it is done?

    Hi, I got an Opus BT-C3400 and I am using it for the first time. I put some batteries in it this morning, and it still seems to be going. How do I know when it is done? Thanks, -John-
  9. John

    Spot welding fuse wires?

    Is anyone spot welding fuse wires? Pros? Cons? Thanks, -John-
  10. John

    What is battery pack worth?

    If I wanted pay someone to make 80-cell battery packs for me, what would be a fair price? Edit: Used cells with soldered fuse wires. Sticky adhesive removed from at least the external cells. (Thanks for the clarifying questions!)