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  1. Batteriapan

    Li-ion awarded the Nobel prize in chemistry

    John B. Goodenough, Stanely Whittingham and Akira Yoshino is awarded the Nobel prize in chemistry 2019 for inventing the li-ion battery.
  2. Batteriapan

    My INR18650-29E drops to 4.12V after a full charge

    I have this collection of 40Samsung INR18650-29E thatbehave strange according to me. After charging them to 4.2V they drop to 4.15V in a matter of minutes. After a few hours they drop top 4.12V and seem to stay stable there "forever" (only had them for so many weeks). If I recharge a 4.12V cell...
  3. Batteriapan

    Sliding cell holder

    I'm sick of the crappy springy cell holders you find everywhere. Want to get a bunch of the kind usually found on cell testing devices. What are they called or where can I get them? I.e. not these: Nor these: But the kind found on this:
  4. Batteriapan

    Considering 8s rather than 7s

    If I right, then keeping my packs between 3.2V and 3.9Vgives me about ten percentage point less capacitycompared to3.2V and 4.0Vbut two to four times the longevity of life. Sounds like apretty good deal to me. Given I have enough cells to handle the capacity loss and...
  5. Batteriapan

    Circuit with variable cutoff voltage?

    Hi all! I'm looking for a charger circuit with variable over charge cutoff voltage, alternatively one set to 3.8v cutoff. Anyone aware of such a thing? I'll be charging very small cells with this, say 500mAh or so, to be used as UPS for up to an hour or sowith small WiFi-routers. Something...
  6. Batteriapan

    TP4056 question

    Sort of off topic, but I can't think of a better forum to ask this question. I've been using the more recent TP4056 based circuit boardswith power out terminals as a smallUPS for my WiFi-router. That kind. The problem is that it will not give away any power on the load terminalswhen...
  7. Batteriapan

    Batteriapans setup

    Thought it could be nice todocument my progress on the forum. Starting of with my 7s20p witha maximumcapacity ofabout 1kWh. Best cells (~2500mAh)in the top left pack, crappy cells (~1500mAh)in the bottom right pack. Waiting for a couple of meters withshrink tube from Chinato isolate...
  8. Batteriapan

    Busbars, wires and terminals

    Hi all, I'd love some general feedback on my project. I'm working on a 7s20p. Arather small solution I hope to be able toscale up two or three times over as I get my hands on more cells, i.e. upgrade to7s40p and then to7s60p.I wish to do this without having to replace any existing wires etc...
  9. Batteriapan

    SBMS on Kickstarter, 3 days to go

    Just saw that Dacian managed to hit the $40k goal with just a few days left. Very happy for him but even more happy for me and reallylooking forward to my SBMS120.
  10. Batteriapan

    Greetings from Sweden

    Hi everybody, I'm a city dweller that for a long time have planned anoff grid cottage to spend a week innow and then. Started picking up and old laptop cells at the recycling center a few months ago when I had a lot of business going there to get rid of the excess stuff we've gathered though...