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  1. IronSky

    [SELLING] (Germany) DIY BMS

    I am selling some items for the Stuart Pittaway DIY BMS. 2 controller v4. The controllers are fully equipped. Only the LED has to be re-soldered, I can also include it. 14 modules v4.21. The modules are complete. The only thing missing is the ATTINY 841. The controllers cost € 5 each. The...
  2. IronSky

    Controller diyBMS V4

    Hello, I'm looking for the controller for the DIY BMS V4. Maybe someone has one more to sell because you can usually only order 5 pieces from JLCPCB. Mfg Iron Sky Edit: I have now ordered some myself, if the 5 parts are there I can sell 2 and I will put them in here.
  3. IronSky

    Small Powerwall in Germany

    Hi, here are some pictures of my little Powerwall. Unfortunately, the MPPT solar controller and the 48 volt inverter are still missing:( The battery has been built in the style of AveRageJoe and Owitte:P Each cell has 85AH. IronSky
  4. IronSky

    BMS for littel Systems

    Which BMS would be good for small systems?. I am planning a system with 40p14s. The Batrium is very good but unfortunately much too expensive for what I build. The version the Owitte operates is good, but at the end are 14 times 20 but quite a lot of money. Chicken uses Balancer for about 11...
  5. IronSky

    How to open a Gazelle E-Bike battery.

    Gazelle E-Bike Battery Behind the connections (which can be unscrewed) are lids of plastic. Unfortunately the lids are glued to the front and the end. Even with a sharp knife you can not loosen the glue. The only possibility is the battery on the sides cut open. I use a small...
  6. IronSky

    [GER]18650 Batteries in Germany

    Item: 18650 Description:Search for my Powerwall still 18650 batteries. You must have at least 2200Mah . Approx. 100 pieces (Suche noch 18650 Batterien fr meine kleine Powerwall . Die Batterien mssen mindesten 2200Mah haben. Am liebsten welche aus einem E-Bike Akku oder gleich den ganzen...