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  1. italianuser

    OffGridInTheCity Build

    That's a bargain indeed (y) Why don't you rewrap them before using them, that negative case is so dangerous 😶‍🌫️
  2. italianuser

    Wolf's PowIRwall

    Looks super Wolf, congrats! (y) Are those SSRs original Fotek ones or clones? I have a couple of fake Fotek SSRs (quite dangerous!) ... :sick:
  3. italianuser

    Aggregate loss of PV wiring losses

    Quoting from the other thread: "In the moment your solar system, in that exact moment, is making a lovely 12875W you're losing: 0.71% in the first segment; 2.81% in the second segment." It should be read as follows. The panels are making 12875W, from the source (panels) to the aggregation box...
  4. italianuser

    connecting solar panels

    (y)I found the complete formulas online, it also accounts for cable temperature. And there's a nice online calculator (link is below). The answer to your question is: percentage of power (energy) lost in watts is equal to the percentage lost in volts, wow; well, it was quite easy, actually; so...
  5. italianuser

    Sanyo UR18650ZT Cell Specifications

    Difficult to say. The "R" letter might stand for "round", just guessing :) (source: - page 26)
  6. italianuser

    connecting solar panels

    The formula is the one I shared, there's only a small offset in real systems due to material difference and measurement devices accuracy/precision. It should be quite easy to calculate power loss having the voltage loss. Disclaimer: I did not invent the formulas, that's physics guys LOL :p Uhm...
  7. italianuser

    connecting solar panels

    Well, yes, I agree with you @OffGridInTheCity. If cable length is big it makes sense to use a bigger cable. For your 150ft, using my worst case calculated above, you'd be losing nearly 15V from your panels to the controller, which is more than 10% on a 120V panel setup. Reducing losses, where...
  8. italianuser

    connecting solar panels

    Uhm, correct me if I'm wrong, these are the formulas I use. The longer the cable the higher the voltage drop, that is a loss between the panel and the inverter/charger. Plus, the higher the amperage the higher the loss. So, supposing a 10A current on a 32mt 4mm2 cable (16mt x 2, there and...
  9. italianuser

    What sort of fuckery is Google adds up to now..

    I see: a big banner before the header (only came up at first access with a new browser); one in the header next to SLS logo; one in the footer; one under the footer; horizontal ones between post. But no left/right vertical ones.
  10. italianuser

    Scrap copper busbars for high current pack

    That's why I said I'm not sure about flat busbars! :) The "4A/mm2" rule gives 10.48A ampacity for a 13AWG wire (2.62mm2) and 42.2A for a 7AWG wire (10.5mm2), measurements which do make sense.
  11. italianuser

    buying second hand pv, what to look out for?

    To measure Amp you must move the red cable on the multimeter to the 20A port (the hole on the far left of your DMM), and leave the black cable where it is. And set the measurement to DCA 20. To measure Volts again you put the red cable back into the V port (the hole on the far right of your...
  12. italianuser

    LG Chem Battery problem

    Seems like a good inverter. The manuals show it has quite a few settings for battery type and battery parameters, I suppose you double checked all of those. Just guessing, surely your inverted has also "over" and "under" controls for temperature and other conditions, does the screen show any...
  13. italianuser

    Scrap copper busbars for high current pack

    Looks great and there's lots of satisfaction there, too, well done! (y) Finding scrap material is a great thing, in your case you're using it immediately, I'm often in the other scenario where I find the stuff and put it in storage --> creating that "what will you ever do with all of this old...
  14. italianuser

    Free Unused 18650 Cells

    🇮🇹Daje! Abito in Calabria, a Cosenza! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿(C'mon! I live in the region of Calabria, in the city of Cosenza) Man, what you doing in the USA?
  15. italianuser

    Free Unused 18650 Cells

    I'd love to live in Memphis :D Are you sure it's Memphis and not south of Italy? LOL
  16. italianuser

    BMS advice needed for 7s8p or 7s16p solar storage

    Oh wow, I was really struggling with this one! I found this other info which was about the relationship between Ampere and Power, which are not always proportional... but your answer is the correct one I think (y) ---...
  17. italianuser

    BMS advice needed for 7s8p or 7s16p solar storage

    To be able to control each string individually you can use a DC MCB (photo 3 "TOMZN MCB 125A DC" and photo 4 "DC Circuit Breakers All Sizes") with an amperage of 1.5x/2.0x your string amperage. If a string is for e.g. 10A then a 20A DC MCB will be ok (I bought 20A DC MCBs for my each of my three...
  18. italianuser

    Soldering wire

    Since 2020 prices on electronic components I buy from AliExpress have doubled, don't know why though... I used to buy tin from AliExpress but it's not very good quality. Twice, while soldering, it bounced into my eyes; after that I always use a protective mask. And I buy tin from italian or...
  19. italianuser

    18650 storage

    Must be careful not to make a hotdog with them:D
  20. italianuser

    BAK cells

    Uhm, I paid them between 0.70-0.80€ (0.75USD-0.86USD) per cell, 80-90% SOC, 2200mAh, ready to use (no packaging or going mad to extract them!). Never bought 2900mAh so I can't say if it's expensive or not.