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  1. gregoinc

    LEV50 Battery Pack - Offers Welcomed

    Greetings, Been a while since I've posted... I have 10 x Mitsubishi LEV50 cell packs available. Each pack contains 8 x LEV50 cells, with the packs having a nominal voltage of 32 volts DC. Originally purchased these cells as a pack removed from a running low mileage 2015 Mitsubishi Miev vehicle...
  2. gregoinc

    LEV50 BMS Suggestions

    Greetings, Been a while since posting. I want to use 2 x LEV50 cells to power an outdoor project, and want to use a BMS to manage the cell charging via a solar panel. Each LEV50 cell is about 3.75 volts, so the combined serial voltage will be around 8 volts. A BMS like Batrium is overkill for 2...
  3. gregoinc

    Yuasa LEV50 Battery Design and BMS

    My question relates to battery config design and BMS design, so I figured posting inmy build thread would save multiple posts... guess I was wrong Anyway, rather than rewriting the whole post... would appreciate advice or guidance from those of you familar with battery setups andBatrium BMS on...
  4. gregoinc

    BMS for Yuasa LEV50 Setup

    My question relates to battery config design and BMS design, so I figured posting inmy build thread would save multiple posts... guess I was wrong :P Anyway, rather than rewriting the whole post... would appreciate advice or guidance from those of you familar with Batrium BMS on the question...
  5. gregoinc

    The ART of Tool Storage

    I was inspired by Adam Savage's 'first order tool retrieve-ability' to create a basic work benchtool storage unit. Developed the basic design and put it together from some scrap wood, which looked pretty dull but was practical and would do the job. I asked myfour year old daughterwhat she...
  6. gregoinc

    Solar Inverter Monitoring Applications

    Hi Folks, This question has probably been asked before, but here goes. I have an existing SolarMax grid tied inverter, and I've always used the MaxMonitoring App on my phone and tablet to monitor the statistics of the inverter. It appears the folks at SolarMaxare retiring the MaxMonitoring app...
  7. gregoinc

    Help Solving a Problem

    Hi Folks, Wasn't sure where to post so I am posting in here. My problem... Turning on my split system air conditioning unit via infrared (like you would using the manufacturer supplied remote control) with input from outdoor (and indoor if needed)temperature readings/sensors. Here's the...
  8. gregoinc

    Tesla Battery Fire - Thermal Runaway

    Found this video whilst on YouTube. Scary situation and worth noting from a safety perspectiveif you are considering using Tesla batteries, or probably any battery of this type/chemistry. They mentionthermal runaway, so would be interested if there are those of you thatknowmore about it?
  9. gregoinc

    Langir DC circuit breakers - any good?

    Hi Folks, Am seriously looking at purchasing some of these Langir DC circuit breakers, but was wondering if any of you had exposure to them? They look eerily similar to the Noark DC breakers, and may even be made in the same factory? Here's the link to the item I am looking at purchasing...
  10. gregoinc

    Slotted Duct with top (Australia Only)

    I managed to obtain a box containing approximately 35 piecesof slotted duct 25mm x 30mm and 2 meters long. I paid a pretty reasonable price, so am willing to share these around to members of this forum in Australiafor cost. Here's a picture of the slotted duct... If you are interested...
  11. gregoinc

    The Grego European Vacation

    Hi Folks, My wife, daughter, and I will be travelling to Europe over the summer period next year (2019)... to escape the Australian winter :) We are planning on spending 2 - 3 months with friends in Stuttgart Germany as our base and travelling to other countries. After that we will be...
  12. gregoinc

    Help Charging My Lithium Batteries

    Hello, I am looking for some help/advice on setting up my EV-Peak A8 charger to charge an 8S lithium battery pack. Here's the spec sheet for the LEV40 batteries I will be using (please note the spec sheet is for LEV50batteries but the batteries I am using will be LEV40 batteries - only...
  13. gregoinc

    [FREE] EV Battery Isolator

    Hi Folks, I have this battery isolation switch/coupling that I harvested from my Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV battery pack. It is used to isolate the battery pack when it is removed from the vehicle.I have no use for it, but it may be able to be used by someone on the forum. If you are interested...
  14. gregoinc

    Solar System DC Wiring and Panel Installation (Take 2)

    The story so far... My previous thread on this topicwas shut down due to some passionate discussion by posters.A situation I am seeking to avoid this time around :angel: I am seeking to gain your experience andknowledge, that can help me install my solar system. So whilst I appreciate robust...
  15. gregoinc

    Calculating Solar System DC Wire Size and System Installation

    I have question or two...Stay with me, it takes a bit of explaining. In the beginning I originally planned to have the solar panels mounted on the roof of my home Data Center (a.k.a man cave). But reality has set in and I've realised the roof area of the home data center wont be big enough to...
  16. gregoinc

    Wind Generators - Vertical vs Horizontal

    With minimal rooftop room I have been pondering other options for supplementing power generation. We have more than enough wind, so I figured that might be a complementary source of power. I have been looking at several vertical axis wind generators, including those with magnetic levitation. I...
  17. gregoinc

    Lithium Ion Mitsubishi EV LEV40 / LEV50 Yuasa Batteries

    I have been sourcing several LEV40 and LEV50 battery packs from Mitsubishi vehicle's for my own use.Recently I have been asked by several Australianmembers if they could purchase the LEV40 & LEV50 batteries. The types of packs available andprices often vary, so the prices for the individual...
  18. gregoinc

    Magnifying Desk Lamp Advice

    Looking for some product advice from those of you on this site that have purchased amagnifying desk lamp (like photo). Have been looking to buy one for a while, but not sure what are the best brands, features,etc. Would appreciate any advice, including the most beneficial features i.e...
  19. gregoinc

    48 volt DC step down to 24v and 12v

    My battery and charging is all designed to be 48 volts, but I will need to step the voltage down to 12 and 24 volts DC for some ancillary devices. I can buy a step down power supply of eBay for individual voltages, but was wondering if anyone has seen a step down power supply that can out...
  20. gregoinc

    Digital Clamp Meter Advice

    Looking to purchase a digital clamp meter, with amp, volt, etc functions. Not looking for anything gold platted, just a practical tool for a reasonable price. Interested to know what the members on this forum are using?