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    Need Help Picking Curtis or Alltrax

    OK... I'm building an E-kart to go at least 60mph. I bought an Alltrax SR72450 controller, sw202 selenoid, 5k throttle today. The problem is I will have to mount everything after receiving it which will cost more money in materials. Then I came across a Curtis controller already mounted on a...
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    E-Kart build and battaries???

    So I built my first E-kart this month! I was to get 35-40mph but i want to go faster!!! My current specs are Alltrax AXE controller 42v Motenergy 42v motor and 14s12p 2200mAh Li-ion pack I want to start my next project with a go-kart that will reach 60mph. Any suggestion on controller Kelly or...