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    18650 equaliser

    Brian Drury, I asked about the flying cells because there are seven of them in your design, and my intended application has 14 cells in series.
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    18650 equaliser

    Brian Drury, I did not completely understand the schematic because I was not sure what the chip does, and not all of the header connectors have a description. I have been looking for something like this for a while, I would like to balance a 14S pack. I am hoping to eventually get 50 KWH so I...
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    House Battery and Energy Management

    Before you insulate your house, have a blower door test run to check for air leakage. Do it now in the winter time. Then borrow or buy a thermal camera and walk around the house while the blower door test is running and look for cold spots around windows doors, foundation rim joist, etc. You...
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    Tp4056 reverse voltage protection

    Good design of a protection circuit, how expensive are low resistance mosfets?
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    Need help identifying these cells

    I have a ton of these. I think they are Sanyos. a lot of burners. I have very few of these in the 2200 mah and above.
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    cool stealth setup! how do you get money? savings? odd jobs? freelance?
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    power distribution

    Classic problem of heat and enclosures. As the enclosure heats up, the air expands and it is pushed out. As the enclosure cools, the air in it contracts and moist air from outside is sucked in. As the temperature drops further the water condenses out of the air. This "breathing" can build...
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    Great project... I am very interested in the 30Q cells after seeing them in a video elsewhere. What brand of Tool packs have those cells? I have dismantled quite a few older tool packs and have never seen these. I would like to rebuild some harbor freight nicad packs with these and a...
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    TP4056 DIY Protection

    I had the same question and found a circuit that uses a polymer fuse in series with the battery and a diode across the battery outputs of the top 4056. If you install the battery backwards, the diode allows the current to short across the fuse. This blows the Fuse. Then the fuse resets when you...
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    Using laptop BMS board to charge 18650 cells

    Cool Idea. Thank you for sharing. I am saving all of the electronic debris that comes from the packs. I was thinking about salvaging parts off the boards, but now I need to rethink that. The fact that this balance board equalizes on charging is pretty cool. I don't like balance boards that...
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    is this a good price for untested batteries

    My memory is not so good. I checked my spreadsheet andthey were 3000 mah cells.LGABD11865 asus a31n1319 3 cell packs. Pink wrappers on these cells. Also saw these in HP 100 wh packs. I stand corrected.
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    Should I invest in grid tied solar +power wall? Need help

    Its kind of weird, but thats what project sunroof tells me. i put in $150 per month and it says 8.5 KW system. taking up 599 square feet of my available 1286 square feet of space for solar on my roof. $150/.12 $/kwh = 1250 kwh/month this is 41.7 kwh per day on average. In reality, my energy...
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    Should I invest in grid tied solar +power wall? Need help

    go to google project sunroof. Type in your address and see what it tells you. I live in illinois and have about the same cost for electricity. I use around 40 to 50 kwh per day. electricity bill about 150 per month. It told me I needed around 10 kw of solar peak watt to eliminate my power...
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    Help my 900 watts of solar panels to generate at least 340 watts.

    I looked up the specs for your controller (cm3024). it has a rated current of only 20A when you run it at 12 Volts. If you are getting only 17 amps, and thats pretty close to your rated current. You never mentioned how what your open circuit voltage is. I think that if you put the six...
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    Mexican Member

    Do you have different electric rates based on time of day? If so, you could charge when it's cheaper and use an inverter when electricity is more expensive. Also, if your grid power is not reliable, your battery can be used for backup power.
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    is this a good price for untested batteries

    Ask him if you can sort through the packs. Then if you can, select only the higher capacity ones. 6 cell with 60 watthours or 9 cell with 90+ watt hour. Some of the three cell packs are phenomenal as well. I have gotten 3400 mah cells out of three cell packs. Probably two of the three cells...
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    When talking about storage capacity what is your end cost per kwh?

    For good packs that have a minimum of 10 watt hours per cell, you will pay $1.25. By focusing my buying at the better packs, I pay more, but also get higher capacity cells. 10 watt hours/3.7 = 2700 mah. 60 watt hour 6 cell packs or 90+ watt hour 9 cell packs are a good goal to shoot for. If...
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    Weather Conditions in Fl, USA

    Stay safe man. I will say some prayers for you folks in florida.
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    Use GreenWorks 80v packs

    sell all your 80V stuff on eBay and buy ego 56V stuff. It uses a 14S pack arrangement. The base packs available are all 2.5 amp-hour packs, 5 amp hour and 7.5 amp hour. Thats what I am doing so I can use it for lawn work and for backup. I have a low voltage cutoff circuit and 40-60 -> 5...
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    Egam's Wall

    299 total cells. These made it through the first charge and storage. Im not sure how many dead cells came out of this lot. I think I had less than 5 that self discharged. I'm glad I got rid of those, but the rest of them kept their voltage fairly well over 3-4 months of storage. 39% good cells...