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    Help me identify this connector please

    I just bought a second hand SamilPower SolarRiver inverter to replace my faulty Macsolar which uses the standard MC4 connectors for the DC string inputs. The SamilPower has very similar connectors but they don't fit. The MC4 pin seems slightly larger, so what are they and where do I get them...
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    5kW Solar PV Inverter Brisbane Australia

    My Macsolar is faulty so I'm thinking I'll get a second handy until I decide what hybrid I want. It needs to be at least 5KW and dual tracking / 2 string. It would be great of it had an Ethernet port for grabbing data, but not a deal breaker. Brisbane or Moreton area preferred.
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    SUNKKO 709A - Dropped wire

    OOPS. I'm modding my Spot Welder for better performance and cooling. I've removed the gantry behind the front panel and used the wires to double the current capacity to the pen. In the meantime, I've dropped a wire to the main board - the small red one from the front of the transformer. Anyone...
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    Using iCharger 4010 Duo

    So I finally got to use it, and its pretty awesome. First order of business - Attempting to rejuvenate, and capacity test tool batteries. I have one with a set of dead cells that I jump started with my resistor rig, but the 4010 just doesn't like them past certain amount of random time, at any...
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    5v Supply

    Made myself a 5v supply from a PSU out of an old Compaq server I had laying around. It offers 12v@5A and 5v@20A, so I thought I'd make it 5v. No immediate use for it, but I thought I'd get it setup in case I need 5v for say TP4056 or some such. There was no space inside the case for a switch or...
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    Gathering data from Grid Tie system

    I currently have a grid tie system and I get excellent FIT. My long term goal is to set up a separate off grid system and move all house loads to it and maximise the solar output from the GT system. I'm sure Energex won't like this, but that's the idea. I'll either start with an inverter sized...
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    Cisco Server Power Supply hack

    I snagged myself a Cisco 2500W PSU for dirt cheap. I'm thinking 208A@12v should give me some head room for expansion. I've scoured the net but cannot find any specifics on how to get it to power up outside its home. I did find a step by step testing guide that works for most unknowns, so...
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    Pack charger

    I'm looking to purchase a pack charger. Came across this old discussion... I've been scanning the forum for recommendations for large pack chargers/testers. I came across the iChargerDuo range and liked them, but the specs and manuals do not mention Li-ion anywhere so I assumed that they don't...
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    Nitecore D4 Slot 4 not charging

    As the title says. It starts out fine and appears to work. It reads the voltage, shows current and time. When I check 10 even 15 hours later, the voltage hasincreased maybe 0.01v. I was thinking I had dud cells, even though they had just been cycled in the Lii-500. After a few cells, I began to...
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    18650 chargers

    Looking for used chargers with capacity test. Brisbane (Australia) Northside. LiitoKala, Opus, pack charger etc.
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    Can't Reply to Battery Database Threads

    On the same topic, I tried to add some comments to the cell database, stating sources of them, but an error told me the thread was 3 months old. Perhaps this could be extended to allow extra info to be posted?
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    18650 Projects

    I have a few projects in mind. First was a LiFEPO4 12v battery, but I don't want to outlay for new cells at this stage, I'll put that on hold. I've recently secured a (hopefully) steady supply of cordless tool batteries with my first box count around 350 cells. Whilst these are harder and more...
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    LifePo4 Starting battery for Diesel van

    I've got 3 Mercedes diesel vans. I've used Optima Yellow top batteries for years now, and I've managed to kill even them, draining them over multiple long weekends. I must have had some high drain devices in them at times I'm looking at the HEADWAY 200A cells from batteryhookup. First thoughts...
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    G'day from north Brisbane

    Hey Y'all. My name is Wayne. I have been interested in batteries since I was a kid. Probably around the age of 10 when I got my first RC car, running from a 7.2v 1200mAH NiCd pack. Yes, I'm talking late 80s.. My dad being a mechanic with an aptitude for all things electrical, I fired many...