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    Egam's Wall

    299 total cells. These made it through the first charge and storage. Im not sure how many dead cells came out of this lot. I think I had less than 5 that self discharged. I'm glad I got rid of those, but the rest of them kept their voltage fairly well over 3-4 months of storage. 39% good cells...
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    lgabc11865 help please

    lgabc11865 I got a lot of "refurbished" HP 9 cell 93 WH batteries that have a a nominal voltage of 11.1 and a capacity of 8100 mah. They are new packs with maybe some shelf time, but they look great. The cells and the...
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    Powerwall in a box for self installs (power oak) All I have to say about poweroak is WOW! It's a powerwall appliance. They also make smaller...
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    Building a charger board

    Building a charging board with 28 tp4056 and 5 opus (opii?).
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    Tp4056 reverse voltage protection

    I have all of the components now to charge batteries using tp4056 circuits I purchased from ebay. The only problem is they have no reverse voltage protection as stated in the description. With theopus, I can accidentally put a battery in backwards without harm. For those who use the tp4056...
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    powerwall cooling

    I want to ask a question to the Group on DIY power walls, is anyone planning for cooling? I think that keeping the temperature of the cells below 40C would be pretty important. I just watched this video from 2013 by Jeff Dahn. The several takeaways that I got from the video were the...
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    Hello from Illinois, US

    Hello All I am an engineer from Central Illinois, USA whojuststarted collecting batteries to build a power wall. I have been inspired by the youtube videos from Jehu Garcia, HBpowerwall, Mikes diy powerwall etc. Main goal in wanting to build a power wall is to learn. I hope to change jobs in...