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  1. Wolf

    Getting Data from the SUN-1000GTIL2

    I was going to post this in the other GTIL threads but, after careful consideration I decided against it, as it really doesn't involve controlling the output but being able to view the data in Grafana. The idea behind this was to build a wireless transmitter to locally monitor the available data...
  2. Wolf

    CALB Iron Phosphate

    My recycler friend just sent me an email to see if there is any interest in these cells. I know nothing about the condition but am willing to pick them up run them through capacity tests and see if they are any good. Shipping would be problematic so local pickup would be a must. Portland ,Maine...
  3. Wolf

    The Passion of the Li-Ion 18650

    As we all are aware there are hundreds of millions if not billions of 18650 cells in all kinds of devices and there will continue to be a demand and supply of this form factor. Too many designs for this form factor would have to be changed, molds redesigned, BMS redeveloped, loads recalculated...
  4. Wolf

    Rubber Encased Ninebot Cell disassembly

    For those of you unfortunate or maybe fortunate to get a bunch of these Ninebot rubber encased batteries after disassembling a bunch in various ways here is what I came up with to be the best way (at least I think) to recover the cells. A good set of gloves is recommended and very necessary. I...
  5. Wolf

    APC UPS LiIo Conversion

    I was able to get several APC Smart-UPS 1500 with dead batteries and as they were older units, they were going to be disposed of. I offered my services to accomplish this task. After a bit of research I came to the conclusion that a 7s16p Battery would fit very nicely. 112 cells, my o my where...
  6. Wolf

    NEC 12V35i Batteries

    My recycler just sent me an email regarding these Batteries. Says he has ≈40 of them. They are ® LiFePO4 chemistry and I believe as they are Model ALM000006 that they are equipped with a SMB connector. ( ALM 12V35i HP SMBus Intelligent, SMBus, High Power PLS000003 ALM000006-01) Data sheet...
  7. Wolf

    18650 Harvesting Flow Charts

    As a community we all have our different ways of processing cells and I wanted to take the opportunity by starting this thread to find some common ground on how we all should harvest cells. This is not meant to be a "be all end all" but more of a guide for new members and maybe some senior...
  8. Wolf

    DC IR VS AC 1kH IR measurements

    Discussion about the benefits of DC IR testing versus AC 1kH IR ( Impedance) testing. 2 wire vs 4 wire kelvin etc. Primer of discussion copied from another thread. gauss163 Wrote:
  9. Wolf

    Ninebot Cell disassembly

    For those of you that are fortunate to get these cells here is the best way that I have found to salvage them and clean them up. 12 batteries 20 cells each 240 cells. First thing I do is take a utility knife blade and flick the spot welded tabs on the buss PCB up as best as possible...
  10. Wolf

    The OPUS Conundrum

    As the OPUS BT-C3100 is somewhat the de facto charger/tester in this forum I would like to share some insights and observations I have had with the 3 that I have. As far as I know they are genuine all ordered from the same supplier within a 3 months time frame. I had the good fortune of...
  11. Wolf

    Charge Controller Question

    So yesterday I had a disturbing moment. I have 2 MakeSkyBlue 50A (MSB) charge controllers collecting from 2 arrays. 1 array faces easterly and the other westerly. Each array consists of 6 250W panels. I have the MSKs set to 4.07V for absorption and 4.06V for float. Since I am a stickler for...
  12. Wolf

    More Charger/Tester fun

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Give a man Excel and he will analyze data to death. So anyway I came across the good fortune of 1600 LGGBM261865/LGEBM261865 cells. All have great IR numbers so far with 41.9 mΩ the highest and 35.23mΩ the lowest. Testing with a capacity of Max...
  13. Wolf

    Free LiitoKala LII500 and Zanflair

    Previously for sale at thistread After getting an offer from someone for $50 with me to pay the shipping and no info on where to ship themto, so I could see if it made sense. With me clearly stating that the buyer pays for the shipping I decided to simplify my request so everyone can understand...
  14. Wolf

    Measuring the loads of the house take 2

    A continuation of So I finally got all the CT's installed on my Electrical panel and feeding into the IoTaWatt that sends the data to my influxdb hosted on my Ubuntu laptop. I threw together a grafana dashboard and here is what it looks...
  15. Wolf

    LiitoKala LII500 and Zanflair

    3 LiitoKala Engineer LII500 and 3 Zanflair Charger/testers. PM me with a "reasonable" offer and you pay shipping. I no longer need these and need to make room. I will sell separately if need be. All are functional and come with the power supplies for US 120V Wolf
  16. Wolf

    Behaviour of cells in parallel take 2

    Another experiment has taken place at the Wolf's PowIRwall location. Previous posts on this subject are at I dragged out my 4p testing rig and decided to test 4 ICR18650-28A cells that had a reasonable IR at ≈ 50mΩ but their mAh testing was...
  17. Wolf

    High and low drain cells mixed

    Started new thread My thoughts and theories on high VS low drain are still in an experimental stage. As I am also in the learning process. That is why I built the 4 cell parallel charging and discharging analysis board. I have run some test as shown in several...
  18. Wolf

    Behaviour of cells in parallel.

    I'm starting this thread to start a discussion on how cells behave in parallel in a pack. Before any of you poo poo this and say that all this has been studied and there are many papers out there on this I will concede and agree. But of all the studies that I have read they all seem to use only...
  19. Wolf

    Wolf's PowIRwall

    It is time! The journey is about to begin its second phase and I will record the progress here. If you are an avid reader of this board you already know that I have been collecting sorting and testing 18650 cells for about 8 month now. I already have a functional Pb based system up and running...
  20. Wolf

    K2 Batteries

    I have come across ~70 usedK2 Energy K2B24V10EB 24V 10Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Batteries with built inBMS. The guts are 3p8s LFP26650EV I am testing...