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    Edd's 43kWh NZ Power Wall

    Wow....impressive. The Kiwis are now using the american mantra: Go big or go Home ^^
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    Megacellcharger Board Dimensions?

    Hi, does anyone knows the size of the board ? (Lengh, width) I am considering it for a project. Thanks
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    Dennis' 14s200p x 2.

    Woaw....looked up at megacell charger on the web. Looks neat. Are you happy with it ? How accurate is it ? And could you give us the size of the board ? (Lengh / width ?) Thanks in advance.....Happy new year....and congrats on your powerwall. Very clean install.
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    Norwegian 60kwh Powerwall SI8.0 REC BMS Leaf cells

    OMG ....quite an impressive powerwall. ^^
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    Not sure it is a safe way to go. 48V converter efficiency is not that bad. And I am not sure you will achieve a better efficiency with a dc to ac inverter. You probably will be better of with a 15S40P battery. Just my 2 cents.
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    Oliman's 18650 Power Wall

    Nice setup. Would you mind sharing your Stl file ?
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    PSU configuration for TP4056

    Hi everyone....thanks for those informations. Right now I have made the rig with 2.5mm2 / 14AWG wire with a loop but I have never started it. Should I redo it ? Or could I give it a shot as is ?
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    PSU configuration for TP4056

    Hi all, just a quick question.... I am going to put 20 x TP4056 on a board to charge my cells (Like many of you did) I will use a computer PSU to provide the 5V required. Now, to provide the 5V could you tell witch configuration will be suited best ? I was thinking, maybe the loop will...
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    Nex's build

    Can't wait to see some pics of this new build !!!
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    Portable 18650 charging station.

    Sh*t.... I hate to say it, but you beat me on the line here. :dodgy: I had the same idea and project is under construction....a new thread will be online in 2 or 3 weeks. But congrats, it really looks nice and It seems really practical.
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    Wire Fuse

    Hi all, for those who uses wire fuses (not glass fuses), where did you buy it ? And what size have you bought ? Any advice will be welcome. Thanks.
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    Rad's powerwall build

    Impressive ! Your charging/testing rig is really a work of art.
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    MPT-7210A Questions

    Ok, my bad....the icon set you on the wrong foot. Power comes from the grid but there is a Apple Mac Pro Power Supply between the grid plug and the MPPT :P But thanks for the warning....and your answer. I don't know why but I wasafraid the junction between both batteries, MPPT and converter on...
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    MPT-7210A Questions

    Thanks all for your answers. I will probably upgrade the MPT Fan at first and in the near future change some condos like theses guys=> Also, will this work ? (The Xt60 double double connectors between batteries and the other stuff?)
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    MPT-7210A Questions

    Hi all, I just bought one unit of the MPT-7210A, and I don't find answer to my question on the constructor documentation and neither on internet. Could someone help me out ? 1- What is the maximum amperage for the input ? I will be using a beefy pc PSU and don't want to kill the MPPT (PSU could...
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    My "Batterywall" project from Puerto Rico

    Hi Bertin_S2000, where does your copper tube come from ? I am looking for a similar tube for my next setup. Thanks
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    Scruds first powerwall

    @tremors: Very nice printed cells cover. Will you share your STL somewhere ? I would be very keen to print some for one of my ongoing project (Soon a new thread on the forum)
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    My first harverst

    Hi ! Congrats on your first batteries.....but are you sure about your voltage measurment ? 5.3-5.6V ? Usually 18650 max voltage is around 4.2V.
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    Hi everyone, like many of you, I am building a charging rig to be able to process quickly my batteries. I went for the TEC4056, which are based on TP4056. Now my problem/question: I want to solder the charging cable (not gonna use the usb port) but I don't find the in+ in- like on the...
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    Self Discharge on Powerwall Cells

    Ok, can't be clearer. Thanks to both of you.