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    Unbalanced discharging of LiFePo4 battery packs

    I am putting a small 100wdischarge of my 24v LifePo4 battery setup. Each bankof cells is 12v in 4p19s configuration, so I am putting 2 banks in parallelto get 24v for my 24v inverter. With this loadthe banks discharge unevenly. What do I need to do to fix this?
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    Settings for a Tracer 4215BN-MT50 MPPT charge controller

    Hi, I'm charging a bank of 24v LiFePO4 with aTracer 4215BN-MT50. What settings do I use? I am using the MT-50 interface in User mode so I can change the charging values. This is what I have so far. I am trying not to overload the cellsto prolong their life. I estimate I have 2000Ah total. I...
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    12v and 24v loads on a 24v powerwall

    I need some help confirming the wiring on this project. To recap from other postsI have 10 packs of LiFePo4 calls, each with 12v in 4s19p arrangement. I am going topower a 6000w 24v inverter to run loads in the house when I lose power during a storm in Florida. I have an interlock which isolates...
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    Wiring size LiFePo4 confirmation

    I am installinga Lifepo4 24v system to run my 6000w/18,000W surgeAIMs Power inverter to run my house when I lose power after the next hurricane in Florida. I have mounted battery banks on the wall and calculated the wiring sizes but needed someone to check it over before I order the wire. I...
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    Connect nickel strips to bus bar?

    I am building a powerwall with 760 fullriver lifepo4 cells arranged in ten 12v modules of 4S19Pto be used on a 24v pure sinewave inverter. I am spot weldingnickel strips to the cells to do both the series and parallel connections. The parallelnickel strips extend past the modules to provide a...