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    Brand New (unwanted) MPP 3KW Hybrid Inverter

    This item is no longer for sale. Thanks
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    I'm so stupid my wife is going to kill me.

    Ok, so I was wondering if the MPP inverters could do this.. I honestly thought that if you over load it, it would shut off or have issue. so if you have a 1000w inverter ur fridge kicks in and uses 1500w, your inverter switches to grid to power your fridge, but if the max the invter can put out...
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    load overflow

    that's awesome, thanks Korishan. Ill look it up.
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    non-grounding solar panels

    well I did think that originally. but when they suggested it was a type of panel it confused me. so your talking about grounding/earthing the panels such as lightening protection etc.? or is there types of panels which actually are wired up like that and grounded to frame? most panels I look at...
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    Used Solar Panels x 2 sets

    hi guys, Just posted this on gumtree thought id share it with you like minded folks. I have some old solar panels I was going to use but since purchased better ones. Selling them cheap in Brisbane. Ad to Gumtree Advert...
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    non-grounding solar panels

    so in relation to MPP solar inverters one thing on my inverter and the replacement I am looking at is they state"Be sure to use Non-Grounding solar panels, because they will cause current leakage".. ok.. so after a quick google search I could not find any info on this ie.. "how to know if your...
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    Brand New (unwanted) MPP 3KW Hybrid Inverter

    hi guys, For sale MPP Solar PIP-3024GK PF Series Hybrid. (HIGH PV). I screwed up and bought the wrong inverter for my application. I just purchased it from Maximum_Solar on ebay (MPP Authorized Rep). for $946 Delivered to my door in Brisbane. I am...
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    load overflow

    hi so I just took delivery of my brand new MPP PIP-3024GK PF1.0 series hybrid inverter. However I think I made a mistake. (I am learning). I assumed that it can give me 3kw of solar, and if there is any additional load above 3kw, that it can somehow bypass this from grid. but I didn't know that...
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    hello world of free energy

    well its not really free is it when we have to buy components! but we can dream! Hi all, I have just started my journey on sustainable energy. I have been watching some videos of (there is so many) the 18650 project (homebrew Powerwall)! I actually had already started working on plans to do...