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    Feedback about revised version of Batrium - ExpansionBoard

    Before the next fabrication of the ExpansionBoard we are looking to revise the module to give it more options.Theexisting 4 FET digital outputs have been upgraded to handle 65V4A instead ofeither 12V4A or 65V 1.5A. In additionreducing the mechanical relays from 4 to 2 can give room toadopt SSR...
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    Watchmon Toolkit 2.0.7 for Watchmon4

    Version 2.0.7 was finally migrated out of beta to live production today for Watchmon4. Over the last 3 weeks this beta releasehas been downloadedonto approx100 systems and there has been no reported reason to delay this become the live production release...
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    WatchMon 1.0.30

    The next version of WatchMon software and firmware is available today. The link aboveoutlines the newfeatures and enhancements.This release also resolves abug from 1.0.29 that madeit unstable in some wifi network networks.
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    What type of Circuit breaker CB to consider

    This question has been asked a few time, so this might be a great place to discuss here. Not a discussionon Fuse verse Circuit BreakerCB but what options are available. #1 must be compliant with relevant country regulations and guidelines. #2 need to be DC rated within the voltage range...
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    Meetup in Sydney on Wed 14 Jun

    For those interested a bunch of like minded battery addicts will be meeting up in Sydney next week on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 2:30 PM You will find the usual bunchof Bruno @ElectricBike, Jaron @ Batrium and others also walking the display standsto see the latest tech. Visit the Sydney Energy...