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    Tesla Model 3 battery dissasembly

    Hi all, I got 2 Model 3 battery packs not far away from me that are salvaged from damaged cars, the price is very reasonable if you calculate it... it would cost about €0,55/per cell. However the way the battery is constructed it is not possible to reuse the 4 "packs" as a whole and it is...
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    start building new battery for ESS system in Belgium

    Since 1,5 years I'm collecting our electricity consumption with an ABB B23 meter > modbus > ESP8266 > mqtt > node-red > MySQL & Graphite > Grafana. So I'm very well aware of our habits :-) Total yearly usage is 4300kWh @ 1200. The average base load of the house is about 200w, with the new...
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    price buying "recycled" packs

    No far from where I live a company specialized in recycling IT and electronics stuff sells "laptop batteries" at 10/kg. As the origin or stateis not know this seems not realistic: An 8-cell packs weighs +/-450g so you have +/- 20 cells for 10. At a 35% attrition rate for let's say 1800mAh+one...