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    Do I need to change these wires

    I planned to make a 10s battery with just 10 cells, I bought a 16a BMS Later I got hold of 20 decent cells so I decided to make it a 10s2p battery I got a new 35A BMS although the cells are 20A So the new unit arrived and it has thicker cables. As the cables for my old BMS are already...
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    Smoking Heat Sensor

    I have this drill that I am converting to 18650 When I pull the trigger it starts smoking, so I opened it up and it seems to be some sort of heat sensor. You can see from the pic that the heat sensor chip is wired into the trigger, and sits on a heat sink. Does anyone know of a more powerful...
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    BMS voltages on C- & P-

    I installed a 36v BMS, all seemed fine, when I tested the voltage I noticed B- Battery is at 36.6v P- Load is at 18v (approx) C- Charger is at 18v (approx) The device drawing the load would not work at 18v Has anyone come across this ?
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    Earth Terminal on Battery

    I have converted an Ni-Cd 36v drill battery to an 18650 battery. The connector to the drill has the obvious positive and negative terminals, but it also has an earth terminal. This has a black wire going into a silver thing (red arrow below), then another black wire comes out and was soldered...
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    Is this BMS Diagram WRONG or is it ME?

    I have been building a 10s battery and saw this BMS wiring image online At first glance is seemed a great way to visualise the BMS wiring, but on closer inspection I think a mistake might have been made, the error seems to be in the numbering of the wiring on the bottom set of...
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    Can you use a 10s BMS as a 9s BMS

    I am converting a 36v drill to 18650 The problem I had was that my battery was producing around 42v and something in the connector area inside drill started smoking! I considered a step down device from 42v to 36v but the appropriate size would not fit is the space I have available. So I took...
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    Step down from 42v to 36v

    I managed to get hold of 2 Lawnmower batteries, each with 10s 2p cells producing 21v odd. I soldered them in series to get 42V, the cells are very good quality, although I can't find the brand and see no reason to take them apart when they are so well made. My problem is my drill found the...
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    Attachment view says I am banned but do not appear to be

    When I try to view an attachment I get the message below, this is the attachment I was trying to view from this page Second Life Storage You do not have permission to access this...
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    36v BMS Wiring Query

    Hi All I am making some progress with my 36v Drill conversion project; I managed to pick up two nearly new batteries from a ryobi lawn mower, they are 18von pack but 20.8v on voltmeter. This was a wonderful find, they are extremely well made so all I have had to do is remove the ryobi BMS pcb...
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    LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500 - No Beeps

    Hi I just got delivery LiitoKala Engineer Lii-500, so far seems OK, few things I noticed 1. It does not beep when battery charged or test program complete 2. The internal resistence (such as they are) are not consistent from bay to bay or even in the same bay if I remove and put back. Does...
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    Cells. Charger with discharging

    I want to get a decent charger but do not have the budget for the top end models. It seems to me that before deciding I need to decide what is optimum charge and discharge rate? The safe bet would be 0.5amps for both charge and discharge but takes ages and makes one lean to a build your own...
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    36v Drill Project

    Hi All I am trying to do one of those drill conversions after all the nickel batteries died on my 36v Drill. I know that strictly speaking I should get some high stength 18650's but to begin with I want to prove I can make it work. I plan to use 18 or 20 18650's for the project. (9x3.7=33.3...