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    Tesla Battery Fire

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    Separate ac

    What i want to do create a 2nd fuse panel ran entirely off solar. For the easy of math i only want to run one window air conditioner, 12000 btu. (This will be scaled up at a latter date) 15 amps at 115 volts= 1720 watts I would need 6 x 320w solar panels just to run in a 100% efficient world...
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    48v 36v 12v converter

    What is everyone using for a 48v to 13.8v converter? The biggest i find is about 60 amps I have a 5kw rv set up thats not installed yet. The motorhome has both 12v and a trace engineering 2500w inverter. I have 2 options going to 36v or 48v and using a buck converter for everything. The...
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    What came first the chicken or the egg or 85kw

    I'm feel like im concerned with what lots of people here seem to be doing. Tesla has a 85kw pack in there car, It is that large cause it has to be(amp draw). Now your never going to hear them advertise that. Old laptop cells are not rated for 10 amps, Some of these old shitters are rated for...
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    Looking for protection board

    Looking for a 4s protection board, 20a min. Everything I find on ebay is 2.5 or 2.7 cutoff voltage. Did china make on that is above 3v?
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    This is the I bought the 300w china soldering iron and feel like a dumb arse thread

    Its a total pos, Way to long to heat up Doesn't get hot enough Doesn't transfer heat for very long Its so long and heavy that it almost takes 2 hand to run It was listed as 220v but has a usa plug on it. I wonder if it really needs 220v and that is the problem. Soldering fuse wire to a...
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    Power Wheel upgrade

    12v 9.5ah lead acid lithium would need 4.75 ah I'm thinking 4s 5p or 3s 6p or something like that where I can use the china 4x5 holders. That would almost triple usable amp hours...
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    the mother of all testers, i bet they buy all your junk

    finaly found the massive bulktesters google neware battery tester
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    china knockoff be crap watch yourself !!!!!!!

    as you already know buying batteries and flash memory on ebay from china, its all fake. so are the fotek relays, many youtube videos of them being tore down and checked. 40 amp will not work with 40 amps. if you can afford a fotek relay on ebay its fake, the real ones are EXPENSIVE. so if...
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    Speed Capacity testing 30per hour

    So 2 years ago when I started, this is how I tested my batteries. I tested all 320 batteries in a weekend. I wasn't after perfect results, My solar controller logs everything. I would be able to tell if I have a strong or weak set in the pack and add or subtract cells to even it out. I only...
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    Diy HIGH AMP charger

    So in my search of a cheap power supply. Constant voltage and current limited. Find or wind a transformer from 110v to 16v Bridge Rectifier, from china or make your own with 4 diodes and a capacitor, old one...
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    500w charger
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    high amp tp4056 Looks like they just stacked the chips in parallel.
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    Where is everyone buying there solder from? $1.59 per ounceand its local dollar an ounce
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    magic smoke was using this to charge my pack thru the solar controler. it didnt like being ran at 10 amps non stop.
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    pure nickel wire 1.511 ohms per foot
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    Lug ends

    Use 8 awg ring terminals for the twisted wire. I ordered 6 awg and they are super sloppy.
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    Is any company actually recycling lithium battery's? I don't mean repurposing them, I mean tearing them apart and taking the chemicals out.
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    Tips: cell holder for testing batteries

    just like the escrap recycler was using
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    Just picked up a bb gun

    Gamo Varmint .177 pellet break barrel 1250 fps it was dieing of lead poisoning when i got the shovel