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  1. 18650Shrink

    Questions about the Kweld

    There are mild limitations while using the kCap vs going lead acid or Lipo. While yes, the kCap will offer continuous use through the kSupply and HP PSU, it will be forced into an upper current limit due to safety concerns of the caps. .2mm thick nickel will be your max thickness, while the lead...
  2. 18650Shrink

    Dennis' 14s200p x 2.

    Lotsa batteries! Can't wait to see the final project!
  3. 18650Shrink

    [DK/EU] 722 pcs 18650, all ready

    Wow, you've already knocked out that many from the big ebike battery haul?
  4. 18650Shrink

    18650 Heat Shrink Wrap Demo

    Just made a quick video to help someone see how easy it is to rewrap cells. Enjoy!
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    14S 100A Bluetooth BMS

    Were you able to change the balancing voltage to a lower setting vs what the datasheet says of 4.2v down to 4.1 or other value?
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    *US Market* Cell Holders

    Thanks for the great words guys. Im actually on my way out the door now to head to the main HUB Post Office. 25min drive one way. I've found that doing this gets all the packages moving along sooner. An extra effort on my part, but who likes waiting for build materials?? Lol Everyone is welcome...
  7. 18650Shrink

    BAE Systems A123 LiFePO4 - Lithium 26650 (736Wh)

    Pretty sure Tom was letting these go for $100/module. To get rid of them.
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    *US Market* Cell Holders

    I do still sell them. I will PM you. :)
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    Image Uploading & Posting

    Sounds good. ;)
  10. 18650Shrink

    batterypack heatshrink

    Hey there, I sent you a message. ;)
  11. 18650Shrink

    26650 Cell Holders

    Just decreased pricing on some of these items. ;)
  12. 18650Shrink

    *US Market* Cell Holders

    Quick update: I will soon have 2cell and 3cell charging holders to add to the image list. Stay Tuned!
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    19x Eve ICR18650/26V 2HAL13D129861 2.55Ah (Blue)

    Hahaha looks like a solder explosion of some sort. Excellent condition
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    Unmarked Cells from Lenovo Pack

    ive had a few of those cells. nice little cardboard/wax paper sleeves to use for charging cells with damaged shrink before rewrapping them. i forgot to pull numbers from the mfg label to math out the cell specs
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    Pack Design Feedback

    are you still using all the same cell? the 2600 pinks?
  16. 18650Shrink

    New Battery Welder

    Where are all the electronics? Lol
  17. 18650Shrink

    New Battery Welder

    Where are all the electronics? Lol
  18. 18650Shrink

    Vanon Batteries .... Yeh - did they dupe me?

    interesting, waiting for updates
  19. 18650Shrink

    4 250 ah packs +plus+ New England

    I'm about 40minutes away. I will private message you.