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  1. 18650Shrink

    18650 Heat Shrink Wrap Demo

    Just made a quick video to help someone see how easy it is to rewrap cells. Enjoy!
  2. 18650Shrink

    *US Market* Cell Holders

    Hello Everyone, As the community grows, so does my store! Cell Holders are a key part of all of our builds. Im happy to let everyone know that Im now selling all the Popular sizes and quantities of holders. 18650, 26650, 32700 cell holders are in stock and available to ship out next day, unless...
  3. 18650Shrink

    26650 Cell Holders

    *US MARKET* Hello there, Ive Been selling 26650 shrink and cell holders in my store for a while now and realized that I havent posted a Sale Thread on here yet. Selling 1x2, 1x3, and build to order 4x5 cell clips. You can find all my 26650 items in my store...
  4. 18650Shrink

    *US Market* 18650 Powerwall Starter Kits

    *US Market* I put together a Starter Kit to make things nice and simple for people starting their Battery Backupand other 18650 Projects. All items are in stock and ready to ship next day. Mix and match your shrink colors, or get them all the same...
  5. 18650Shrink

    18650 Dual Purpose Insulator pads

    *USA MARKET* $8.99for 540pc, but for DIY POWERWALLS members; they will be $5 for 540pc if your order 500pc heatshrink or more. I can combine and discount the cost before you make the payment. Please message direct if youd like this deal New heatshrink colors are also available and ready for...
  6. 18650Shrink

    18650 Heat Shrink

    *US MARKET* I need any advice available from the 4000+ people in this group. I'm selling quality heat shrink and higher quantity and lower prices, but I'm hardly selling any, vs the others selling hundreds of packages? I don't understand why my inventory isn't selling like crazy. Tips and...
  7. 18650Shrink

    Tapatalk Testing

    Just setting this up for others to test the app use and capabilities.[emoji13] ^cold in the shop!
  8. 18650Shrink

    Bulk "tested" 18650

    Looking to sell all of my lower capacity cells 1200-1899. Approximately 300 cells(ill update count when i get back to the shop). They have been capacity tested once, then recharged. 50-60 i ground the welds flat, have since given up on that crap; However, they look sexy. Also those particular...