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  1. DK100

    1,5 - 2 kW powerbank for house

    New build for the coming months. Not a powerwall its way to small for that, but a 1,5 2 kW powerbank for covering the house usage during the nights. This project makes no economical sense so its for fun and learning. Im going to do it as cheap as possible, making things myselves and recycle...
  2. DK100

    Temperature and capacity

    Hi all Would like indput on how temperature effects capacity. I know that capacity drops with temperature. If normal op tempetaure is defined at 21 deg. C, how much a capacoty drop could one expect at for instance 10 deg. C? Procentage wise? Does capacity drop with temperature follow a linear...
  3. DK100

    2170 Cells - where to get?

    Hi all Perhaps you Aussi'es could pop by and get your hans on some of the new Tesla/panasonic 2170 cells? Seem to be a lot of those near you: If possible to get hold of theese for a resonable price, thy must be the...
  4. DK100

    Hi from Denmark

    Position 54.4 N. Lat - 8,6 Long E. Has been tinkering with solar cells since 2007, batteries for the last pair of years. Nice to seen that so many peoble around the globe are also tinkering with theese things. :) Current solar system consist of two systems: A) 6 psc Kaneka K60 amorph 60 watt...