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  1. BatteryMooch

    Your guess on what cell this might be?

    Capacity = 2542mAh and 2561mAh(BK Precision 8601 load) DC IR = 52-53mOhms (15mS pulse at 7A) Rated at 35A and 3600mAh by Enook but those areabsurdly exaggerated ratings. The four leg top contact means LG Chem or a China manufactured cell IMObut I dont know which. The printed codes on the can...
  2. BatteryMooch

    Hello from NYC

    Hello! Ive been designing power electronics (chargers, electronic loads, energy harvesters, power supplies, BMS, etc.) for my clients full time since 1992 but am just getting started in the powerwall community. Along with my brother and sister-in-law, we hope to have a powerwall for their home...