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  1. zag2me

    86 x Brand new Samsung 30Q 3000mAh Batteries (UK)

    Now Sold I bought 1,000 of these and have used 900ishof them in my Powerwall and eBike, I have these left over to sell. 86x GENUINE Samsung 18650 30Q 3000mAh 20A Battery 200 This is about 1 a cell less thancurrent retail prices, they are the best cells you can buy. They are brand new and...
  2. zag2me

    [UK] 2,000mAh+ tested cells CHEAP!!

    Now sold Hi all, I am selling all the recycled cells that I tested up to this point as I have gone with new cells for my build. These are quality cells, that have all come out of broken laptops in my organisation, basically lightly used machines hence the high battery tests. The average of...
  3. zag2me

    Saw this on ebay (UK)

    1000 Genuine laptop batteries... Nice! I just wish I had the 1,300 to buy them!!
  4. zag2me

    APC 3000v UPS any use?

    I have a couple of old APC 3000v UPS's sitting in my workshop without any use at the moment. Can it be used in anyway for a Powerwall or backup solution with li-ion cells?
  5. zag2me

    DIY Powerwall Kodi Add-on

    Hey guys, My other hobby is home theater software, so I wrote an Add-ondedicated to show all the cool youtube channels in the DIY PowerWall scene. You can find it here: If you are new to Kodi just install the software from and then install...
  6. zag2me

    Zag's Powerwall adventure (UK Build)

    It begins... Only got 4 solar panels and a 600w micro inverter at the moment but the battery storage is the next stage. Does anyone have any tips for mounting the powerwalls to the wood? Should I build some shelves in or buy a metal electrical box instead? Powerwall Kit List Batteries...
  7. zag2me

    Another UK member

    Hi all, the name is zag. I've recently added solar to my camper van(charge controller and leisure battery) and house(via micro inverters) and looking to take things to the next level with battery storage. I also work in IT where we have a number of older bits of IT equipment recycled so I may...