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  1. daromer

    Batrium Watchmon 1 + Expansion and longmons

    Hey I got 1 Watchmon 1 to spare. I bought several for my use and development and its time to get rid of one of the first. Location: Sweden Shipping: Anywhere in the world but you pay shipping. Its dead expensive outside Sweden. Content: Watchmon 1 Expansion board 4-14 Longmons depending on...
  2. daromer

    Smart BMS 14s

    Thought I had a thread but apperantly not so I create this one. I have digged into and used this Bluetooth/RS232 BMS that works decent. The software is rather crappy but it seem to work as cheap alternativt. Great for smaller 50Ah and less battery banks. The balancing current is like 60mA so...
  3. daromer

    The most awesome portable battery thingy thing

    Okey sorry for the topic :P Im working on an awesome little box for carry along. This box need to be universal and practical so I reach out to you guys. My plan is to build and do an very very in depth documentation regarding this box. The work have already started but I need your guys input...
  4. daromer

    What wind-turbine to buy?

    I want to buy a wind turbine. 500-2000w Yes i know they dont produce much. yes I know they dont produce as much as solar does. Yes I know i dont make money on it.. But they "could" produce some in the night and would be fun to try out. Criteria: Should be able to hook onto my current 48V...
  5. daromer

    Batrium Wifi protocol released open!

    As of today (December 13th 2017)the Batrium Wifi protocol is now open for the public. To make this a bit easier to work with there is a NodeJs application that comes with it. That code is not pretty but it does it work. Link to the Batrium software...
  6. daromer

    How does soldering affect your cells in terms of heat?

    Quick video where you can see with termal gun how it affect the cells. I would say its negelectable as long as you use proper soldering iron! Highest point was like 70C fraction of a second after lifting the iron. Spot welding do transfer the energy more locally in smaller area but that still...
  7. daromer

    Automatic transfer swith (ATS)

    ATS or Automatic transfer switch is something you can use to switch between grid an inverter or generator. In most solar systems that have booth inverter and charger like off-grid and hybrid systems already have an ATS built in. But if you want to build your own or just understand some parts of...
  8. daromer

    Boot lace ferrules tips (End lugs to wires)

    This have saved me alot of time and it makes it so much cleaner.
  9. daromer

    Internal tester review SM8124A - How does it perform

    Quick test on how it performs and if its worth its money?!
  10. daromer

    Revive/bumpstart your low voltage 18650 cells

    A quick video on a couple of ways you could bump start your cells and also a simple "tool" you can build for the task in question.
  11. daromer

    How to remove the tabs from 18650 cells

    This is how I do it. And I also take a look at the Internal resistance in conjunction with the importance of clean ends for some purposes. Note for soldering you do NOT need to clean them up much at all!
  12. daromer

    Batrium guides - A set of Youtube videos guiding you in Batrium jungle

    A quick set of videos in the Batrium jungle will be posted here as I explore them :) First 2 below. Adding the RGB led and introduction to adding trip shunt. The trip shunt will have atleast 1-2 more videos.
  13. daromer

    How to spot/find the fake cells

    How do we know if a cell on Ebay or other is fake? What should we look for? I tried put this video together that i hope will work for new guys. If you find that important information is missing just let me know and I will look into it.
  14. daromer

    Spot weld fuse wire to your packs

    Quick video i made. I have been running with it for a while but decided to its time to publish the video in question
  15. daromer

    Ebat battery brand (18650)

    I did check out Ebat. I got a couple of cells sent to me earlier and i was impressed. Thats not often i get that. More info and discharge graphs including links to the cells can be found here: Battery 1 & 2 2500mAh 18650 battery Battery 3 & 4...
  16. daromer

    Add video: Youtube as first choice?

    When adding a video the first choice of video is Daily motion. Wouldnt it be better if Youtube would be first choice? I assume thats the most common one in the forum.
  17. daromer

    Esperyd?s Raspberry PI project

    Raspberry PI Visualization and controller project This iso is just a collection of good to have tools, to do automatization and visual graphs bundled into a package that will run on a Raspberry PI. I have put together an ISO image with what i would consider a collection of tools that i think...
  18. daromer

    Sale: BMV Victron 702 Shunt (SE)

    I have 1 Victron 702 shunt to spare I add a USB cable for it as well so you can hook it up to a computer. Its in Sweden so i prefer Swedish or EU based buyers. Im open for suggestions regarding price but somewhere around 150EUR
  19. daromer

    Slow loading

    When loading attachments it takes roughly 6 seconds before the data is being delivered. Example this: Takes 6 seconds before i get any data sent but when sent it goes pretty fast. Seems like it have issues processing? Low CPU or something...
  20. daromer

    User information change?

    Sugestion: Add so a user can set if they want to show their fullname or nickname/login in the information bar on the posts Add so the user can show their location in form of country and or country/city. Seen a couple talking about it.