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  1. DK100

    Communication between BMS and PC via CAN/RS485 ? where to start?

    Venus software will run on a Raspberry Pi
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    Glubux's Powerwall

    So - any info on how the system is performing? Can we see it on Victron VRM?
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    Proper Inverter Setup

    If yo've got the battery bank, you can use chargecontrollers to charge the battery from the PV's and an inverter to mange the AC side. Or you can go with a hybrid inverter, as the 10 kW MPP solar. Or for solar chargers and an inverter from for instance Victron.
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    vienna wall build

    You write, that you easely use 10 kWh on a night. I suggest that you go through all our things, and try to optimise use, as this will make everything cheaper later. For instance: Pumps can be changed to low energi models, ligths can be changed til LED's etc. Fridge and Freezer can be changed to...
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    RV 24v 5.5kWh 8s90p LiFePO4 26650 build

    Nice set up. Interessting to see how it's going to preform. Keep us updated :)
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    E-Go Kart 18650 Pack - Cell fuses or nickel strips?

    The calcualtion is as follows: 7s 20 P will with 2.5 amp cells give you: 2,5 x 20 = 50 amps x 24 volts = 1.200 watts. 50 amps x 72 volt = 3.600 watts. Putting pack in series ups the voltage not the amperage.
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    dual inverters?

    I'm also running dual inverters, but two of the same type. Solardin 600's from mastervolt. One on L1 and one on L2, and there no problem wit that at all. 10 yo of problem free service so far.
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    Sanyo Cells... What To Do With Them?

    I don't have any more problems with Sanyo's than with other brands. There's the occantional heater, but nothing special. About half of my 280 pcs. 24 volt 80 amp powerbank is Sanyo's. Ditto for my ebike pack. Ditto for my boat pack. As long as they test good, and hold the voltage I use them...
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    Questions about an AC coupled powerwall

  10. DK100

    Dave's Build Thread

    Looking good. Nice work. Keep the pics coming :)
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    E-Go Kart 18650 Pack - Cell fuses or nickel strips?

    7s 20 p, assuming 2.500 A per cell that will give you 50 amps or 1200 watts. It that enough?
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    UK - Essex - 250w Solar panels for sale **ALL SOLD***

    Nice OK panels. Plus power tolerance, which is important. Take the time to sort them over in the strings to get max output.
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    1,5 - 2 kW powerbank for house

    Building the packs. Used packbuilder. 7 s 40 p. 81 amps 24 volts. About 1.950 kWh in total.
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    Greetings from Cura?ao

    Then you have optimesed as much as make sence for now. Look for solar collector and tank for hot water. It is a no brainer at your latitude. Regarding batteries. Put small ad in local newpaper, where you offer people for instance 1 Doller/gilder for a used laptop battery. Visit also local...
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    Charge controller advice please

    I would go for a quality solar controller such as for instance a Victron. The solar controller is by far the most important part of your system, and a good controller will give better yields and take better care of your batteri., Controller should be programmeble as to the caharging levels etc...
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    Small Powerwall in Germany

    Nice work. How's the BMS doing? Can it keep up when you give the battery a full charge?
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    Greetings from Cura?ao

    Hi and welcome. I Think you will find, that the project cost will be much lower if you do all you can to reduce your consumption. It's allready low, but maybe fridge can be found i an A+++ version, which uses less energy. Also change all lights to LED, if not done allready. Cooking can be on...
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    1,5 - 2 kW powerbank for house

    Opdate. Kabinet muck up, old tower kabinet recycled to house the 7 s 42 p battery bank. Cell holder design Busbar design
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    J-Mans project

    Nice work.
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    Hello from US

    Welcome :)