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  1. jdeadman

    MPP Solar LV6548 Inverter

    So I've been looking to upgrade my home Inverter lv2424-hs to a MPPT model and higher Wattage and came across this Beauty LV6548 Looks to be a nice upgrade (3x the Wattage) and up to 8000W of solar input Pricing I have found looks to be in the $1000 + USD which for me will be closer to...
  2. jdeadman

    Heating Batery to Charge Faster

    Just came across this article and I'd would like to share and start a discussion on Heating of EV batteries and what it would mean for the uses after it's done in the car for degradation...
  3. jdeadman

    Where to Buy Battery Cabling

    Hey Fam, Been looking to make permanent my test setup now that the Winter is upon Us Canucks. I'm looking for where is a good Place to get my 2/0 and 4/0 wire. Any experienced specifically in Canada but I can also order from the US as I have the ability to get stuff shipped about 45 in from...
  4. jdeadman

    LTO Battery Monitor

    Hi Everyone, So I just picked up a SCiB Battery (1.1Kwh) for my Old Man's Camper. These are LTO Cells so I will be breaking up the 24 cells into 6s4p setup. Each Cell is 20Ah so the Pack will be 12V (ish) @ 80Ah What I am looking for is something small but nice looking to just View the 6...
  5. jdeadman

    144Vdc sigineer Split Phase inverter

    Ok Peeps, I have been looking around at inverters lately and stumbled at this Beast. But Holy moly that way too much volts for my liking. #1 What are you thoughts on...
  6. jdeadman

    JDEADMAN'S home powerwall build

    Well it's about time I posted about my new plan. I'm building a home wall to work towards using less from the Grid and basically playing. In my other build I built a camp powerwall of sorts in a 7s configuration. For the home wall I'm still debating on going 48v or stay with 24. But that will...
  7. jdeadman

    Mppt-7210a charge controller

    I see a bunch of ppl using this charge controller and I have ordered one. Only going to me putting 3 60w panels and a 7 cell 18650 wall. And I have a couple questions. Is it better to run this setup as all 3 panels in series to get higher voltage or in parallel to get higher current. I...
  8. jdeadman

    Canuck RV Battery

    Hi All, I am currently working on a replacement for 2 Flooded lead Acid batteries I have out at camp with 18650's What I've got - Cheap 20A PWM charger controller but has been good for the lead acids last year. -around 100 x 18650's so far about 1/3 above 2000mah the rest between 1500-2000...
  9. jdeadman

    Hi from Canada EH!

    How's it going all!!. Found this via the Youtube channel and been Binge watching the last year or so. I'm planning a 48V 200Ahr Setup for my Camp that I will be direct charging via Solar Going to be fun