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  1. fcbrand

    Sanyo UR18650ZT Cell Specifications

    The cells do not have any print on them.
  2. fcbrand

    Panasonic CGR18650HG Cell Specifications

    The ring is white not black. :-)
  3. fcbrand

    Sony US18650GR (G6) Cell Specifications

    I keep finding references that Sony uses different G Ratings to rate the cell capacity. Here is what I have found so far. G4 = 2000mAh G5 = 2200mAh G7 = 2400mAh G8 = 2600mAh The Cell shown above has a G7 rating making it a 2400mAh cell.
  4. fcbrand

    Frank's 18650 Power

    I love seeing all the projects people are doing. I hope to share my own projects soon.