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  1. Dr. Dickie

    Circuit breaker for Solar Panels

    I am just curious how many folks have circuit breakers on there solar panels. I am going to be getting 6 350 watt VOC 40.73 v (running two in series for 48 V system 3 parallel), so I am figuring a 10-15 amp breaker on each of the parallels. If you are using them, which ones would you recommend?
  2. Dr. Dickie

    Creating a spare pack

    I have finally processed and cataloged my cells for my Powerwall build (14S160P). It was my understanding that many folks make an extra pack, so they have one to swap in if they need to fix something in one of the packs. Is this common or unusual?
  3. Dr. Dickie

    Cleaning out the vents

    The 18650s that I have collected came out of medical packs that were sealed inside a case of an injected rubbery substance. In digging them out, some, heck most of the cells have some amount of the rubber stuff in the vent holes. This is an extreme example, most have a few of the vents open...
  4. Dr. Dickie

    Batrium Configuration Question

    As I prepare to get my battery and new solar set-up together, I run through scenarios in my head. As I understand it, the biggest difference between the Batrium Watchmon 4 with longmods and the Watchmon 5 without longmons is, the Watchmon 4 allows for 28 Ah a day of balancing, while the...
  5. Dr. Dickie

    Damaged Cells

    Part of processing cells is checking for damage. I have processed about 2K of cells so far, and a handful or so were seriously damaged. Just a glance and you could see the cell was crushed--into the bad bin. A couple had a scratch, a serious scratch. The scratch was beyond just the PTFE...
  6. Dr. Dickie

    The Joy of Sorting Cells

    Okay, I have asked a million questions, and everyone here has been great at helping me understand everything I did wrong. Since I have no knowledge to contribute, how about something a bit different than "Burning Down the House." The Joy of Sorting Cells--I should come up with the Zen of this as...
  7. Dr. Dickie

    Safe Ambient Temperature Range for 18650 Powerwall

    Okay, I started a month ago with putting my Powerwall inside my house. HB recent vid and thread changed my mind on that. I then figured a way to get a steel cabinet into garage (advantage: Powerwall would be right next to service panel which it would be hooked into. Disadvantage: Would be...
  8. Dr. Dickie

    Detecting heaters and other cell testing questions

    With HBs thread scaring the ap out of me. I have tested or are in the process of testing about 2 thousand cells. Of course I did many things wrong, but am getting up to speed and trying to rectify things. I have gone back and determined IR on all the cells that I capacity tested before knowing...
  9. Dr. Dickie

    Another Question Regarding Cell Voltages

    Okay, I am harvesting a couple of thousand 1865 LG M26 cells. While I wait on my Megacell Chargers, I am using two Opus BT - C3100 V2.2 testers. To speed up the process I have two MiBOXER 8-Bay Smart Chargers that I use. One is to charge 8 cells up before putting them in the Opus to be discharge...
  10. Dr. Dickie

    A question about capacity variation

    Hey guys, glad I found this forum. I am in the process of testing the capacity of a bit over 1000 LGM26 cells. I had an Opus tester for about 6 months, and just recently got another (I have 2 MegaCellChargers coming this month--I CAN"T WAIT). Anyway, when I had only the one Opus, most all cells...