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    PCB cell holders for size 32650 / 32700?

    Hi, I am planning to build a small powerwall / battery pack out of LiFePo4 cells in size 32700. I really like the idea of using PCBs like used for the powerwall from Jehu and others - but they are for size 18650. Does anyone of you has an idea for pcb cell holders that could be used instead...
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    Hello from Lower Saxony, Germany

    Hi, I just want to post a short introduction of myself and some project ideas. My name is Daniel and I am living in Germany (Lower Saxony). I have been working on a few smaller projects like a 4s1p 160Ah LiFePO4 battery pack (planned as 12V replacement) for the camper of my parents, a 4s9p...
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    Strange charging curve on harvested cell???

    Hi @ all, I started to harvest some cells out of old laptop batteries to be able to build up a small powerwall. I will post some more information about that on a separate thread. But right after the start, I got a cell with a very strange charging curve so that I stopped using this one and...