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    What are your prefered / hated brand / models of cells and why ?

    As far as I am testing some cells (just beginning with a few hundreds), here my comments - Samsung 26F are quite good. Not that much failed - LG cells are difficult to read from part number and spot welding is generally stronger that makes the tear down difficult. In average more weak cells -...
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    Elon Musk : "Australia will go back to dark age without Tesla" @HBPowerwall, you'll be almost the only one lit in a few years ? :D
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    Identifying LG Cell Model Numbers

    LG cell part number reading This may help others and provide an easier way to find datasheet. As per my readings yesturday using GTranslate on chinese forums, here the sum-up of my findings A cell part number is a reference of 10 to 11 characters for LG. This is built as the concattenation of...
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    FST and Moli Energy Data Sheet Sources

    A few datasheets for FST as I found a "source" searching for FST 20650-3350 cells. No cell submitted right now, but may be usefull later-on FST 18650-2500mah : FST 18650-2400mah :
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    Testing 0V cells

    Hi there, I have a doubt in mind when testing the 0v cells. Some are beeping at the continuity test, some others are not. So far this is obvious. But which ones need to be discarded rigth away ? Thank you !
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    Cell database - display capacity

    Hi, On cell database, that would be a nice improvement to display the cell capacity on the same raw. This would give a better overview. Cheers
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    Looking for feedback / remarks on Imeon 9.12 inverter

    Hi, As my whole project is strating from scratch, I also have to think about solar panels and inverters. My house setup is 3 phases from grid. I have seem that French Inverter from Imeon Energy : Imeon 9.12 Is there anyone having some feedback about it ? remarks ? The only drawback is : the...
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    Beginner questions series

    As part as my DIY powerwall journey, I have some questions. As it may help others, I will try to organize them. Working with used laptop battery packs - From your experience, what is the dead cell ratio found ? - Is there some brands, models of cells to be avoided ? Building packs - For a...
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    Hi from France

    I discovered the use of 18650 cells a few weeks ago while searching about solar panels setup for my house in south of France. First I was planning to install a simple grid tied system to sell all the production to our national agency. But due to regulations change (as of Oct 2017) this can not...