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  1. AveRageJoe

    Heater box duct routing

    To recirculate some air, mightbe a simple as adding just another duct similar to a hole house humidifier.
  2. AveRageJoe

    Instant powerwall

    Im a little late for sure but Damn that looks GOOD!!!
  3. AveRageJoe

    Have you had a fuse wire blow on any of your cells ?

    Yup, I found 3 but cant say if I forgot to recharge the cell after capacity checking or if the cell was just on its way. Was less then 1v when checked!
  4. AveRageJoe

    My Build

    Looks Great!!! I really like those server Cabinets!!!
  5. AveRageJoe

    106 Laptop Battery Packs SOLD

    1 box sold and the rest are Pending! All Gone!!!
  6. AveRageJoe

    Twisted Bus Bar Design

    That sound cool. Cant wait to see it [emoji106]
  7. AveRageJoe

    Great Read on POWERWALLS!!! Its about US!!!

    Yeah I had never heard of them either. Agree the article was well written and just about everyone could understand it Techy or not. Should do positive things for the community and yes WoolC <--- one word ;)
  8. AveRageJoe

    106 Laptop Battery Packs SOLD

    I have 106 Laptop packs with 6, 9 and 12 cell configurations.3 Boxes are Dell (2 boxs have 19, 1 box 17), 1 box of Toshiba, Ibm, Sony and others (box of 25) and a box of Hp, Compaq and Gateway(box of 26). I figured I would give some people here the option before I put them up on EBay. I am going...
  9. AveRageJoe

    Great Read on POWERWALLS!!! Its about US!!!

    Louise over at Vice Motherboard did some checking up on us and did a few interviews on quit a few of us!!! Check it out here
  10. AveRageJoe

    Twisted Bus Bar Design

    Yeah that is 6 strands but now that Im thinking about it he could probly use a smaller gauge because he is building a huge bank and the amp draw will be tiny. But then again more copper would be less resistance. I used that link earlier today for possible changes to my lil setup :cool:
  11. AveRageJoe

    cable thickness, feed the house, UPS APC, Panels - lots of questions.

    Bigger wire is better. 10-12 gauge will be ok and yes you could feed power back into your house as long as the ups output is isolated from the mains.
  12. AveRageJoe

    Twisted Bus Bar Design

    Gotcha, You could do the 3 bars of 2 12g twistys
  13. AveRageJoe

    Twisted Bus Bar Design

    I blend in like a Ninja [emoji185][emoji102][emoji6] How many P are yours again? I based mine off some calc off the interwebs and the interwebs doesnt lie! [emoji3]
  14. AveRageJoe

    Twisted Bus Bar Design

    Im using 3 12g on 100p
  15. AveRageJoe

    12v Inverters and Stuff?

    Yeah all of these have been solid units. What size of UPS are you looking for. They do weigh a ton so shipping would be the only killer. Yeah Id hate to EBay the stuff so I wont get robbed with all the Fee's. I havent had much interest here, probly since its a 18650 forum lol. Sending ermail now!
  16. AveRageJoe

    I want this feature

    HAAAA!!!! Thanks Man!!! I like this lil vid! Nice lil cut you did. I didnt realize you could just make a gif that easy. Thats locked away in the ol memory bank lol. Nope havent rolled any packs! Cabinet hasnt tried to tip. Its even on wheels so I can push it around the basement. They are pretty...
  17. AveRageJoe

    12v Inverters and Stuff?

    Yeah Im a big fan of there stuff. To bad I cant use them anymore unless I used them for camping or somthing. The older inverter is a Beast!
  18. AveRageJoe

    12v Inverters and Stuff?

    Is anyone interested in 12v Inverters and or other stuff from my Lead Acid setup? I no longer need them and figured I see if anyone was interested before I put them on EBay. Shoot me a reasonable offer + shipping(shipping is proby around $20 for the inverters and maybe $10 on charge controller)...
  19. AveRageJoe

    diMy Powerwall

    Great start!!!