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  1. sunseeker

    Problem with Power Source prio PIP-MSE1

    Hello all, the alarm ofmy MPP SolarPIP-(2424-)MSE1 went off a few hours ago, informing me of a 04/Battery voltage too low error. The inverter was under load at that time. I was confused, because I assumed that it would switch to utility power, no matter if I set Output Source Priority (Setting...
  2. sunseeker

    Remote monitor/control a PIP-2424MSE1 via wireless?

    Hello sun harvesters, Lately, I set up an MPP SolarPIP-2424 MSE1. I installed it off-grid in the garden shed, which is still within wireless range of the house. I would like to watch it via WatchPower or any other software from within my network.. but how areyou managing to do that? I know one...
  3. sunseeker

    Has anyone info on these LG cells?

    Hi guys, I haven't found these in the cell database.. does anyone have a spec? Thanks!
  4. sunseeker

    Cell reviving question

    Hi guys, I have a question about detectingbad 18650s afterreviving them fromvery low voltage (after being salvaged from alaptop pack). I used to kickstart an almost dead cell by connecting it to a working 4v cell for a couple of seconds. The voltage is usually being ramped up to 2.x volt, butI...
  5. sunseeker

    Measuring cell temperatures while testing?

    Hi guys, did anyone ever came up with a DIY setup to measure the temperature while testing 18650 cells? Since I'd love to test all thesecells when I am not at home or during my sleep cycles, I am worried that I won't recognize when one cell runs too hot when bulk-charging them initially, right...