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  1. zag2me

    Is it worth it?

    In summary, no it isn't worth it at the moment even with free electrics I don't bother at the moment with 1 ASIC miner and a dual 1070 setup. I spent 6 months mining and made about 400 I think, just about paid for the ASIC miner that is now a doorstop haha
  2. zag2me

    Zag's Powerwall adventure (UK Build)

    Went back to basics on my first build. Now I have 0.75kw of solar going into the grid tie inverter, thats working fine. And I put the last solar panel directly into my large 160ah lead acidleisure battery that I never put in the campervan as it was too big. It seems to work well so far with a...
  3. zag2me

    18650 NESE modules

    These would be great for a portable box type power wall project
  4. zag2me

    Dan's 57kWh Build

    Really interested in this site, I know property is cheap in Wales but its terrible weather haha :) Are you building it from scratch? Did you get planning permission?
  5. zag2me

    Portable Camp Battery Box

    Such tiny pictures.... I can hardly see anything. I'd love to see a schematic of this at some point. Building a portable battery box is on my list.
  6. zag2me

    86 x Brand new Samsung 30Q 3000mAh Batteries (UK)

    I bought them from a Vape shop originally, I think they were about 3 each in bulk at the time but it was a year ago.
  7. zag2me

    86 x Brand new Samsung 30Q 3000mAh Batteries (UK)

    Now Sold I bought 1,000 of these and have used 900ishof them in my Powerwall and eBike, I have these left over to sell. 86x GENUINE Samsung 18650 30Q 3000mAh 20A Battery 200 This is about 1 a cell less thancurrent retail prices, they are the best cells you can buy. They are brand new and...
  8. zag2me

    LG 2600mAh 18650s for Sale

    Nice! You might want to make clear its 10 of them in the title.
  9. zag2me

    [UK] 2,000mAh+ tested cells CHEAP!!

    Sold on ebay for 275! Apparently these things are quite popular, had a proper bidding war go on!
  10. zag2me

    UK - Cleaned viable cells pricing

    I just put my entire collection up here, very close to the price you want Be quick or it will go on ebay for 1.50 a cell :)
  11. zag2me

    [UK] 2,000mAh+ tested cells CHEAP!!

    Now sold Hi all, I am selling all the recycled cells that I tested up to this point as I have gone with new cells for my build. These are quality cells, that have all come out of broken laptops in my organisation, basically lightly used machines hence the high battery tests. The average of...
  12. zag2me

    Circle Pack of 18650s design hopes led to Wolfram Alpha

    Because they look very cool, good enough reason for me :)
  13. zag2me

    Bus Bar Design--Why Twist copper Wire?

    If I did it again, I would just spend the money and get some copper bars on ebay. Something like this at 6mm wide should work fine:
  14. zag2me

    Zag's Powerwall adventure (UK Build)

    Thanks for all the help guys, first prototype of a single battery pack nearly complete, just needs fusing.
  15. zag2me

    Hello from the UK

    Hey UK here as well ;)
  16. zag2me

    First Powerwall Build

    Looks great, although those connectors look a bit brittle and easily breakable to me. Very nice and tidy though. What gauge copper did you use for the bus bars?
  17. zag2me

    Zag's Powerwall adventure (UK Build)

    Thanks! I think i'm going to fix them up with 2 wires each to the 2 bus bar terminals. Should be about 16AG width so I bought some copper butt connectors. That way its easy to know the negative(female connector) and positive(male connector) I'll just put some heat shrink around the wires to...