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  1. Jason Morris

    Buying 18650 batteries from Taobao?

    I found theese...
  2. Jason Morris

    Solar controller who can charge lithium ?

    If you want to go the diy route: you can request the lt8490 ic for sample for free from analog devices.
  3. Jason Morris

    Buying 18650 batteries from Taobao?

    Hi. I've bought 18650 batteries from aliexpressbefore. I was wondering if anyone here has bought 18650 from Taobao as their prices are a lot cheaper. Although the cells are not "name brand" their seems to be good deals like 2600mah for $0.80 and 3000mah $1.25. These listings have many orders and...
  4. Jason Morris

    TI BQ769X0 Based Monitors - Project thread

    What about using a ltc3300 for balancing?
  5. Jason Morris

    30A pack build -- 4s2p would be 8000mah 60amp discharge 544grams cheaper option: - 4s2p would be...
  6. Jason Morris

    LTO for SailBoat

    I saw some Toshiba 2.4V 20AH lto for $14 usd piece
  7. Jason Morris

    [DIY Project] Reverse Protected 18650 Lithium-Ion Charging Unit

    They are 50 cent each on aliexpress. I found that if you charge at two amps without a heatsink they overheat and die
  8. Jason Morris

    First harvest!

    Congratulations on your first time. I hope it was pleasurable.
  9. Jason Morris

    7s BMS,searchweb201602_2_10152_10151_10065_10344_10130_10068_10324_10342_10547_10325_10343_10546_10340_10548_10341_315_10...
  10. Jason Morris

    What to do with 160x 20ah 3.2v Lipo pouch cells?

    you would probably want to spot weld them
  11. Jason Morris

    Headphone Recommendations

    theese are $50 and seems to have good reviews...
  12. Jason Morris

    LiFePo4 200aH spotted on eBay

    Yeah seems like a good deal. If assuming the batteries are at 90% capacity remaning. (Only 1 year old so they maybe better). It comes out to $125usd or 95 pounds per killowatt hour.
  13. Jason Morris

    Hardware for stand-alone solar lighting

    Well once the bms trips at 2.5v (underload) the battery voltage normally jumps back up to 3.2-3.5v
  14. Jason Morris

    Shrink wrap repair/replace

    If you don't mine cutting your own: 18650 shrink wrap cutting jig:
  15. Jason Morris


  16. Jason Morris

    Hardware for stand-alone solar lighting

    You should do 24v led strip and use 7s. More efficicent and can run longer length strips. You could use this DIY Kits Solar Lamp Board Control Sensor Lithium Battery Charger Night Light Controller Module Home/Outdoor Circuit Automatic to Clipboard...
  17. Jason Morris

    New Boston Power Sonata 4400 mAh 3.7V

    Hi another member on this forum is selling new boston swing 5300mah for 4.50 each.
  18. Jason Morris

    Diy portable 18650 tea maker

    $2 12v imerission heater running off 4s25p