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    pip4048 + raspberry pi + influxdb + grafana

    Hi guys I will share the information about my installation. Hardware Raspberry pi 3 serial to ttl custom cable Software Raspbian as operating system influxdb as database grafana as visualization Node.js (code) Result: Configure the...
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    bms + hybrid

    Hi, I have a pip4048MS , i'm duplicating the @hbpowerwall configuration, now i want to add a BMS, probably Batrium, but how it's connected the BMS if the same 2 wires are using to charge/discharge the battery?? Can some one made a little diagram to help me?, i don't know how to connect a BMS...
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    Which BMS?

    Hi working in configuration very similar to @hbpowerwall configuration 14s80p 200Ah. which kind of bms i need? it's necessary a 200Ah bms? Thanks!!
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    Hi some one is using the PIP-4048MS to charge ion lithium cells? i'm trying to use it to charge an convert my powerwall. Thanks for the help,
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    I read a lot of material about the danger of DC current, but i don't know, if the powerwall that we are building are dangerous to the people. I mean with 48V you can touch positive and negative (in a installation with 150 Ah)?? I know that this has not easy answer but... any help will be helpful.
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    Minimum amp

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    Hello from Spain

    Hello from Barcelona, Spain Just starting my own powerwall, started with 100 laptop batteries, in process to charge, discharge and test batteries. My goal a 10kw system, waiting for the politics change the law in Spain to permit the use of solar.